Barack Says Adios to Rev. Wright..

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama denounced ``ridiculous\'\' statements made by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, using his strongest language to date to distance himself from his former pastor.

We all saw this coming. Barack Obama has now distanced himself from his former Pastor Rev. Wright. After Rev. Wright gave two very controversial speeches to the NAACP on Sunday and the National Press Club on Monday, Barack Obama did what his advisers probably have wanted him to do all along to save his campaign, distance himself from the man who basically gave him street cred and his oratory swag.
I have feelings on both sides of this issue and it has left me torn in my analysis.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama denounced “ridiculous” statements made by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, using his strongest language to date to distance himself from his former pastor.

Obama cited Wright’s contentions, repeated yesterday, that the government may have had a role in spreading AIDS in the black community, that U.S. actions overseas were partly to blame for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and about the importance of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Wright’s statements “offend me, they rightly offend all Americans and they should be denounced and that’s what I’m doing very clearly and unequivocally today,” Obama said in a news conference in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Analysis after the cut…

On Rev Wright : His recent remarks were a bold statement to his brave character because things he spoke about have been spoke about for decades in the black community and across the country. AIDS has been unexplainable in its orgin and evidence shows that it is certainly has some type of man-made element. His talk of the government’s illegal wars and misdeeds have a definite place in a national debate because there have been atrocities commited by the government in the name of national security within the las seven years. He spoke on things that the avearge preacher would never speak on. Most talk to their congregations about issues not related to government and politics. I have been to church numerous times and I never once ran across a man such as Rev. Wright.

On Barack Obama : His denouncing and distancing himself from Rev.Wright was very sad indeed. This is the man who introduced him to the black community and his strong faith in Christianity. If you listen to his denouncement he said he felt that Rev. Wright had no regard for what he was trying to do in his campaign. Meaning that the heat is on me and my campaign hinges on our relationship and you have to understand that they are using you to take me down. After his historic speech on race relations where he did not disown Rev. Wright though he said that he did not agree with his statements, Barack was more hurt than anything and wanted Rev. Wright to just lay low until after the election. This may have been an impossible task to ask of Rev. Wright who for decades has spoke his mind and challenged the way government treated its people and people from other nations.

Both men had to do what they felt was justified inorder to satisfy their missions, as Rev. Wright said in his interview with Bill Moyer “he is a politician, and I am a preacher and they are different worlds”. True indeed. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Barack Says Adios to Rev. Wright..

  1. OK…. I’m just gonna say it. Barack Obama can be the next president of the US and get the chance to really change things, but his past pastor of 20 years speaks on stuff that is OBVIOUSLY controversial, and talks about subjects that most people will find hard to believe.

    In other words, why can’t he just slow his roll for a few months and let the man who seemly follows allot of his beliefs actually get in office? Why, because the Pastor is being selfish. Clinton and eventually McCain literally sent the press to the press conference the pastor had and let it run for itself. Who is the Pastor working for if Clinton and McCain are getting the word out about the press conference? Don’t you fine that odd? Who does this help?

    My conclusion is that Pastor Wright is only concerned with himself and his ideas and is using it against (not for) what COULD have been the next future president. He basically MAKES Obama deny him so he can win (and even admits it). For the pastor its not about what we believe is true, its about destroying any chance to get someone in the office or presidency that can actually do something for us and America.

    I am not sure why many fail to see that. The pastor can’t hold his tongue for 5 months? Interesting…

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