Radiohead Says No More Freebies

After shaking the rafters of the music industry Radiohead has announced that it will not be repeating its “free download” model with its next album. As you may recall its last offering, “In Rainbows” was available as a free download, with fans able to pay what they felt the album was worth. Although the band hasn’t released its figures to signal as to whether the experiment was a success or not, it still accomplished garnering Radiohead international coverage and left the record industry shaking in their boots, worried that A-List acts might follow suit.

“Yes. It was a one-off in terms of a story. It was one of those things where we were in the position of everyone asking us what we were going to do. I don’t think it would have the same significance now anyway, if we chose to give something away again. It was a moment in time,” Yorke told the Hollywood Reporter.

Details remain sketchy in regards to the next project the band will be releasing or how much it’ll be retailing for.

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