School Says “No Souljah Boy Eyebrows”…

Some students at Centennial High School have shaved vertical lines into their eyebrows in a trend recently made popular by hip-hop star Soulja Boy. School officials say the mark looks like a gang symbol.

A very not so new trend of kids putting lines in their eyebrows reignited by the popularity of Souljah Boy has some school administrators thinking the style is “gang related”. They have demanded that kids remove their eyebrows or don’t show up at school at all.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Centennial administrators are telling students with the lines that they can’t return to school until they shave their eyebrows off. Assistant Principal Mark Porterfield said the students are not suspended, but they are not allowed in school until they cooperate.

School officials say the mark looks like a gang symbol.

Four students have been sent home. One returned with a bandage covering the shaved brow.

Police say gangs have co-opted the trend for their own use, with one gang’s members marking themselves by shaving one line into an eyebrow and three lines in the other to symbolize 13.

“We don’t dictate policy for any schools,” Officer David Schmidt of the East Multnomah County Gang Enforcement Team said. “We just tell them what we see the latest trends are. This is a way for them to identify each other. In a school setting, it intimidates other kids.”

Andy Gonzalez, a junior at Centennial with one vertical line shaved down his brow, was studying for a test when a security guard approached him and said, “If you’re going to come to school like that, don’t come at all.”

Gonzalez, 17, says he isn’t in a gang and shaved the lines to look cool and impress girls. But he says he’d be humiliated if he had to shave his brows off.

Centennial implemented the rules about the eyebrows after other area high schools did, but other schools say they only look for the markings of the 13 style.

Editor’s note: Cuts in the eye brows is nothing new, once very popular in the late eighties most notably by HipHop legend Big Daddy Kane.

7 thoughts on “School Says “No Souljah Boy Eyebrows”…

  1. first of all that the most stupid thing i ever heard i thought this was a free country thats retarted if u can have piercings and tatoos then u can shave lines in ur eyebrow its their face if they want it then they sould exspress themselves i have these lines and i dont get bothered it could be considered fashion or gang related whateva it is its none of the schools bizznizz their there to teach not descriminate

  2. Its no different than schools making kids were there hats straight forward or straight backward..These rules r in place to try and protect.. As soon as We as a black community stop TRYING!, gangs or so called thugz will use there FREEDOM to do whatever, whenever..Im sorry to b the one to tell yall!!

  3. All parents that GIVE A DAMN about they’re kids safety should understand the purpose of this rule!! As a black culture sometimes we struggle to identify FREEDOM and FREEDOM to do the right thing..When we were giving freedom it was not meant for kids to shoot kids because there free to do so..!!Honestly If kids werent gangbangin with these lines in there eyebrows this would not b a problem..BUT BECAUSE THEY R!!!The lines should not b allowed in schools period..It sucks for the good kids!!Yes, but the good kids will eventually obey, because they r scared of getting bad grades or in trouble..The gang members that dont give a damn wont come to school or at least the police will b able to identify who these kids r..So yes it does frustrate some kids as far as expressing themselves. THEY WILL GET OVER IT!! The ban helps those same kids, Teachers, Security, Police, Parents and Everybody that has nothing to do with gangs to be able to express themselves in a peaceful environment without DYING!! And to AQUADS: Yes yo stupid ass would get in trouble, not because u were a trouble kid, but because u to DAMN stupid to understand that certain expression in certain communities actually KILL! The school used there freedom of choice to try and do the right thing!! SOMEBODY HAS TO!!

  4. How can you tell these children to shave off their eyebrows or don’t come back to school. This is why most teenages drop out due to stupid little stuff like this. There is other ways of resolving a situation. People r going 2 be who they want 2 be- every adult in this world has tried 2 copy famous people on tv!! Madonna>Suzanne Summers>Princess Daina> Jimi Hendrix>Robert De Niro > u all found yourself let those kids find them selfs. everyone dressed acted like superstar before its just that our star aren’t yours. even i know in 2008 we call that hating/ or harassment. MY EYEBROWS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH U OR ANYONE. AND I DRAW MY ON! WOULD I GET IN TROUBLE FOR THAT IN I WENT TO SCHOOL AT……..?

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