Scientists Create Glow In The Dark Cats

glow in the dark kitty

The cloning news just won’t cease! In our latest efforts to bring you the latest and the greatest in clone news we came across this extremely disturbing story out of South Korea. It appears that scientists from The Ministry of Science & Technology have cloned cats that have a red flourescent protein gene in their body that glows under a red flourescent lamp, helping scientist to isolate the gene. They are pursuing efforts to duplicate the gene so that they can find disease in the body using the flourescent lamp technology.

“The ability to manipulate the flourescent protein and use this to clone cats opens new horizons for artificially creating animals with human illnesses linked to genetic causes,” the Ministry of Science and Technology said in Wednesday’s report.

As reported last week, scientists in South Korea have been quite busy advancing their cloning technology. In addition to introducing the first cloned drug-sniffing dogs they are also responsible for cloning the first dog that successfully reproduced a second-generation clone.

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