Study Finds Hip Hop Sets Trends For US Youth

I Said Vote Or Die Dammit!

[Source: ProHipHop]
The number crunchers have been hard at work over at Packaged Facts and the latest report they’ve released speaks to the strengths of the “Hip Hop” demographic. It has been determined that the coveted demographic of “Urban Youth” consisting of 12 to 34 year olds will make an estimated $684 billion by 2012. Last years figures estimate that the bloc known as the Young Urban Consumer Market pulled in $594 billion. What is of paramount interest though, is that out of the 37 million members of this demo block, 57% are “white.” In all, the demographic is the most sought after for their ability to act as “influencers,” people that try products first and endorse it to friends, and to the delight of advertisers, for free! Once Hip Hop has given a product its Midas Touch, these trends multiply exponentially making them invaluable “trendsetters.”

“Urban Youth shoppers put a high priority on brand loyalty, and brands achieving the greatest success have formed a connection with hip-hop artists,” comments Tatjana Meerman, Publisher of Packaged Facts. “Significant sales can be attributed to products prominently featured in lyrics, spontaneously embraced by the hip-hop world and products that appear to be genuinely used by an artist prior to the relationship.”

For more on this very important study, CLICK [HERE]

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