Two New Hip Hop Magazines Set To Debut

Although we reported last week that magazine sales were slipping, there will be two new additions on magazine stands for you to chose from. The first new offering is The Hip-Hop Business Journal which promises to “fill a void for many Generation X and Y enthusiasts of the culture who are interested in aspects of hip hop that transcends the traditional music and fashion topics that saturate current Hip-hop offerings.”

There will be a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship, wealth management and education which will serve as a relief from the cookie-cutter formula that the majority of today’s zine’s have been following. The next magazine debuting from Vegas Style Publishing is Video Star Magazine and the area of focus in this venture is the emerging talent that is featured in television, movie and video. Both entities will be accompanied by an internet component that promises to deliver HD quality footage to the viewer.

Both full-gloss mags will be hitting the racks on May 10. Queen Latifah will be gracing the cover of the first inaugural issue of The Hip Hop Business Journal and newcomer Bianca Shadai will be doing the honors on the cover of Video Stars debut issue. Expect the bodacious Deelishis to be holding down issue two.

CLICK [HERE] for full details.

2 thoughts on “Two New Hip Hop Magazines Set To Debut

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