Radiohead Says No More Freebies

After shaking the rafters of the music industry Radiohead has announced that it will not be repeating its “free download” model with its next album. As you may recall its last offering, “In Rainbows” was available as a free download, with fans able to pay what they felt the album was worth. Although the band hasn’t released its figures to signal as to whether the experiment was a success or not, it still accomplished garnering Radiohead international coverage and left the record industry shaking in their boots, worried that A-List acts might follow suit.

“Yes. It was a one-off in terms of a story. It was one of those things where we were in the position of everyone asking us what we were going to do. I don’t think it would have the same significance now anyway, if we chose to give something away again. It was a moment in time,” Yorke told the Hollywood Reporter.

Details remain sketchy in regards to the next project the band will be releasing or how much it’ll be retailing for.

Master P & Romeo Introduce World to Gee Gee the Giraffe

Romeo, Gee Gee & Master P

Talk about reinventing yourself. The same man who brought us “Bout It, Bout It” and carried the “Thug Life” torch after Pac died is now responsible for introducing us to Gee Gee the Giraffe via his “prodigal” son Romeo. And I’m not hating, its great to see a man of Master P’s stature continuosly reinventing himself and setting trends. Romeo created the character for cartoons and children books modeled after Dora and Barney. Romeo, backed by P, hopes to use the character as an intermediate between the message they are relaying and the youth who are listening who Romeo may have outgrown.

“If you reach kids with a positive message and instill the importance of education when they’re young, they’ll have that mentality for the rest of their life,” said Romeo. “Gee Gee is going to be a true role model and teach kids through music, books, song, dance, live action, and animation…Even though I’m growing up, I still love the kids – everything I do is for the development of young minds. Continue reading

Study Finds Hip Hop Sets Trends For US Youth

I Said Vote Or Die Dammit!

[Source: ProHipHop]
The number crunchers have been hard at work over at Packaged Facts and the latest report they’ve released speaks to the strengths of the “Hip Hop” demographic. It has been determined that the coveted demographic of “Urban Youth” consisting of 12 to 34 year olds will make an estimated $684 billion by 2012. Last years figures estimate that the bloc known as the Young Urban Consumer Market pulled in $594 billion. What is of paramount interest though, is that out of the 37 million members of this demo block, 57% are “white.” In all, the demographic is the most sought after for their ability to act as “influencers,” people that try products first and endorse it to friends, and to the delight of advertisers, for free! Once Hip Hop has given a product its Midas Touch, these trends multiply exponentially making them invaluable “trendsetters.”

“Urban Youth shoppers put a high priority on brand loyalty, and brands achieving the greatest success have formed a connection with hip-hop artists,” comments Tatjana Meerman, Publisher of Packaged Facts. “Significant sales can be attributed to products prominently featured in lyrics, spontaneously embraced by the hip-hop world and products that appear to be genuinely used by an artist prior to the relationship.”

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Two New Hip Hop Magazines Set To Debut

Although we reported last week that magazine sales were slipping, there will be two new additions on magazine stands for you to chose from. The first new offering is The Hip-Hop Business Journal which promises to “fill a void for many Generation X and Y enthusiasts of the culture who are interested in aspects of hip hop that transcends the traditional music and fashion topics that saturate current Hip-hop offerings.”

There will be a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship, wealth management and education which will serve as a relief from the cookie-cutter formula that the majority of today’s zine’s have been following. The next magazine debuting from Vegas Style Publishing is Video Star Magazine and the area of focus in this venture is the emerging talent that is featured in television, movie and video. Both entities will be accompanied by an internet component that promises to deliver HD quality footage to the viewer.

Both full-gloss mags will be hitting the racks on May 10. Queen Latifah will be gracing the cover of the first inaugural issue of The Hip Hop Business Journal and newcomer Bianca Shadai will be doing the honors on the cover of Video Stars debut issue. Expect the bodacious Deelishis to be holding down issue two.

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Colombian Drug Lord Killed By Police…

Mejia (L) was reportedly killed in a shoot-out after an informant\'s tip-off

Okay we all know that in reality that drug lords don’t really “get chubby and move to Miami”. They usually have a very limited run, go the jail and or die very cruel deaths. This reality happened to one of Colombia’s biggest cocaine dealers who is taking a serious dirt nap by the hands of police.

Colombia’s Defence Minister, Juan Manuel Santos, said Mejia was killed during a shoot-out in the northern province of Antioquia.
“He was perhaps the most wanted of all the criminals in Colombia,” said Mr Santos.
Two bodyguards were killed with the fugitive, who was wearing a US military uniform when police raided his ranch hide-out after an informant’s tip-off, reports say.

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