David Blaine’s Most Dangerous Stunts..

Source : Time/CNN

George Burns / Harpo Productions / AP

After holding his breath underwater for 17 minutes plus and risking permanent damage to his body on the Oprah Winfrey show, we decided to remember just how sick this guy really is and how is he still breathing(No pun intended).

He has managed with each stunt to capture the public’s imagination and to prove that we in America still love a great freak show. Check out some of his most dangerous stunts and enjoy the madness.
April 1999, New York Spends 7 days in a transparent coffin with 6 inches of head room. Physical Toll: Emerged hungry but unharmed.Difficulty: 2.5

The hardest thing was sleep deprivation. You start to hallucinate, and I began to see all the buildings behind me as lion heads.\"<
Tina Fineberg / AP
4.\"The first 28 days were beautiful. I\'d never throw that one away, although I did get major organ failure.\"
Sang Tan / AP
5.\"I was submerged in the water longer than anyone ever had without taking a break — seven and a half days. I didn\'t make it through holding my breath. That\'s why I had to return to it.\"
Richard Drew / AP
0.\"That was one that I put together in a week, so that one I don\'t even count. That one the only real issue was obviously continual movement and the cold, but that one was an easy one.\"

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