CNN Reporter John Roberts First To Leave Wright Controversy Alone

Source: ZomgAChicken123/(AP)

CNN reporter John Roberts took a bold step and decided in his interview with Sen. Barack Obama that he would not beat the dead horse issue of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

“Rather than spend one second of time on an issue that isn’t really relevant to people because there’s been no news on it, I thought I’d spend the time talking to these candidates about issues that really matter to people,” he said.

Roberts, co-host of CNN’s morning program, interviewed Hillary Clinton an hour after talking to Obama. He didn’t ask her about Wright, either.

The veteran anchor said he made the decision on his own, and has since received about 100 e-mails, all overwhelmingly positive, about it.

The declaration of a “Wright-free zone” wasn’t done to telegraph to Obama that he was going easy on him, Roberts said. Rather, he was trying to tell viewers it was going to be a substantive interview, he said.

AP Television Writer

This guy should be commended because every reporter has harped on the controversey to no end, even though people have stated they are more concerned with gas prices, the economy, and the war in Iraq. Kudos.

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