J-Hood Issues Apology Letter To D-Block

J-Hood\'s Dear John Letter

This is J-Hood’s Apology Letter to D-Block, unedited & unrevised

via AllHipHop.com

First of all I personally would like to apologize to all the real fans out there, all the true hip-hop heads, and lyric followers for my role playing in this whole ordeal because it’s honestly something that you shouldn’t have had to witness.

As a man I can say I truly made a couple mistakes and went over board with a couple things but as a man we are entitled to make mistakes because we aren’t mistake prone.

Me dragging my chain was obviously 1 of the mistakes I mad that evidently had the people upset, and like I said in a previous interview I admit that was a mistake and I went overboard .

If any 1 that’s reading this was truly following this situation you could pin point on many different occasions in multiple early interviews me making it very clear that I didn’t have any type of problems with Styles or Jada the issue was more are less with Sheek, shortly after making that clear Sheek responded with a preposterous lie about my mothers ex husband to obviously try to blemish my image so like anybody else would that felt the same way I was feeling I responded to his response but with facts instead of make-believe.

Then after that Styles took it upon his self to step in and speak for Sheek evidently thinking that since I stated I didn’t have any issues with him that I wouldn’t comment on his response instead I would comply by apologizing like he said but instead I did what any other person in the streets would do and responded because it wasn’t the over all fact of him demanding a apology even though that seems a bit hypocritical it was in the fashion that he did it, his choice of words , it was how he said it that made me comment back but at the end of the day I understand why he would want 1 on behalf of the company for me making a mockery of it by walking my chain even though I got no apology for any of them playing a position in prolonging my success , excuse me I mean our success because I represented our company as a movement , me being successful wouldn’t meant us being successful and them being granted more longevity in the game for discovering and releasing a successful artist not to say that they don’t have longevity already but just in addition to it.

Even though I’m entitled and have every right to feel how I felt 2 wrongs don’t necessarily make a right and some of my actions were just that.

I will eternally be appreciative to the lox for giving me an opportunity to be heard period point blank but I just couldn’t keep living with the fact of knowing im representing something false on top of not even being compensated well for it..

Its multiple things that they could of did to contribute to me being successful but they failed to do because of reasons im not going to touch on, cause im not here to nor am I using this statement as an opportunity to throw stones..

At the end of the day it was always my vision for us to do more than what we was doing with the company because I always felt that we short changed ourselves by not capitalizing off the name we had and made for ourselves , any 1 in a position 2 monopolize off of something and use that option as a gateway to venture off to things that would generate more currency would definitely take advantage and that’s something that didn’t happen, instead we some what starved our fans and hit them with a number of pump fakes meaning we promised them material that never dropped and I played a part in that being a team player and believing in people that didn’t share the same vision I had..

What everyone has to keep in mind is that these are guys that I grew up looking up to because of who and what I thought they were so in all actuality it hurt me to have to choose…Either to let them attempt to humiliate me by creating lies about me and me do nothing about it or stand up for myself which is a natural instinct anyway..

The whole situation is something that should have never happened but instead been avoided ill be the first to admit..

I went as far as releasing a mixtape called (Judgment day) basically disrespecting them because I was disappointed in how they was handling the whole situation even though they knew the truth and the grounds I had to stand on by feeling the way I felt.

Again I feel that was another mistake I made on my behalf but I honestly felt that that was the thing to do at the time because im a man before a rapper and if my backs against the wall my only option is to react so 1nce again I apologize to the fans..

Even though its been numerous ridiculous rumors that have been floating around such as this fake robbery that im sure they had something to do with releasing im not going to play a part in talking negative, or disrespecting them anymore this shit is ridiculous to me what’s said was said and what’s done is done im just ready to move on with life..ok shit didn’t work out and mistakes was made from both party’s…ok shit happens its life but its up to us to move on that’s why im not upset at the guys nor do I have any animosity towards them or hold any grudges instead im thankful for the learning experience that I look at the whole situation me being with them as…

I’m just honestly at a point in my life where im past that mentally I mean the whole grudge thing its no space in my mind for that anymore because im on a whole other level..

I know they didn’t mean a lot of the things they said and there words were just used as a defense mechanism to protect their image so before I end this statement I just want to wish them the best at what ever they are doing now and in their future ventures hopefully we can work out our differences.

My mission is not to beef but instead to do everything In my power to contribute to shifting the game back to the east coast a lil not saying to take it from the south but to some what immolate in a since of unifying, it seems to me that they realized and excepted that by having unity is the easiest way to be successful have longevity and be financially stabled..

And I personally realistically don’t see that happening for the east coast with us as the artist that represent it beefing with each other, of coarse we can always do what we do and survive but we to our short changing ourselves because we can do it in a bigger way by working with each other to bring us back..

Not trying to preach or nothing just being real saying the shit allot of these rappers should but choose not to because they are to caught up on the idea of them bringing the east back instead of seeing the reality which is it has to be us and not 1 person…N.Y stand up its time.. To the south keep getting it…

Be on the look out for the (Stranded on D-block ) mixtape aswell as the (Life after the Block reality show) slatted to air in the fall..

R.I.P to Shawn Bell condolences go out to his family go out to his family from me and the staff of O.D.G Ent..


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