Microsoft Sets Sites On Facebook After Yahoo! Bid Fizzles Out

Microsoft looking at Facebook

Source: TimesOnline

After publicly courting Yahoo! for three months, only to see their $47.5 billion offer rebuffed, Microsoft now has its sites set on Facebook, the social network behemoth according to the Wall Street Journal. Facebook, which Microsoft already has an 1.6 percent interest in is reportedly worth $15 billion. Microsoft, which shelled out $240 million for its stake reportedly asked Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg what he felt is company was worth.

Some are wondering whether this is a tactic to position Microsoft for yet another play to acquire Yahoo! sometime in the summer while others say an acquisition of Facebook is still an uphill battle, especially since the relatively young company hasn’t proved that it can generate the necessary revenue to make it a player on par with Google, the leader in the $40 billion online advertising market that is expected to double by 2010. For more on this story CLICK [HERE]

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