Rev Al Says Philly Beating Was ‘Worst Than Rodney King’

Rodney King


After speaking with the mother of one of the victims of the televised Philly cop-beating, the Reverend Al Sharpton said the display of unjust excessive police force was “worse than Rodney King,” prompting an immediate response from the black police chief who warned against “outsiders fanning the flames…from afar.” After reeling off of highly publicized protests on Wednesday in response to the Sean Bell verdict and a meeting with NY Governor Paterson on Thursday the Reverend interviewed the mother of the Philly victim on his radio show.

“I’ve not seen anything like that since Rodney King, and it’s worse than Rodney King, and we cannot allow our community to be under siege,” Sharpton said. “We’ve got to stop this nonsense in our community, acting like you got to be a certain level black to be treated within the law.”

Leomia Dyches, the mother of suspect Dwayne Dyches, said she unable to see her son in the hospital. The police chief responded that her son was under arrest and a suspect in an attempt murder for which all three suspects are being held in lieu of bail of $100,000.

“There’s no excuse for it, but fanning flames, and making accusations from afar, is not in anybody’s best interest,” said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, who took over as commissioner in January after serving in the same role in Washington, D.C.

In all, there have been thirteen officers removed from the Philadelphia police force in the aftermath of the debacle. The commissioner is also vehemently denying that there is any racial ramifications involved, instead citing that police were on edge after one of their own was killed over the weekend after pursuing bank robbery suspects.

“I know everybody’s trying to make this into a racial thing. I don’t believe it is.”

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