South Korean Teens Use Web to Mobilize Protest Against US Beef

dirty cows me no want

Source: TimesOnline

A proposed lift on the ban of American beef has led South Korean students to rally and take to the streets to voice their anti-American sentiments. Driven by an internet rumor mill and coordinating their efforts with web boards, South Korean teens are highly suspect of American beef, which has been linked to Mad Cow Disease. As we reported last week, after a five-year ban on the import, South Korea decided to resuscitate a struggling American beef industry by lifting its ban.

The teens, the youngest block of protesters Korea has ever seen say it is too soon to lift the five year ban on the beef and the popularity of the newly elected president is suffering as a result (below 30% like his Washington counterpart) of their disdain. The teens see him as pandering to the Americans and making too many concessions to Washington without doing thorough scientific research on the unwanted American meat. South Korea which is gripped by anti-American sentiments and a teen populace that rely on the internet to fuel their conspiracy theories, is expecting a record turnout this weekend as protesters take to the streets to let their disapproval be known. CLICK [HERE] for the full story.

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