New Era Fitted:Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk just got in these Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk New Era Fitteds. These are crazy limited and will go lighting fast so get yours while you can. The first hat is all black with part of the bill in green and the tears in green also. The embroidred “Hulk face logo” is in green, and black. The inside of this hat is all green satin. The second fitted hulk hat has the incredible hulk marvel comics “COMIC STRIP” all over the hat. On the front, sides, back and bill of the hat.The inside is all white satin. The last one has a green front with embroidred “Hulk Eyes” in black and green. The bill is all green. The sides and back of this hat are black. The back of the hat has “THE INCREDIBLE HULK” embroidred in green with the inside of the hat in all purple satin!!! Get yours at

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