[Video] Bill O’ Reilly- Cursing Out Producers on Inside Edition…

Source : Huffington Post

We in the real world know that Bill O’ Reilly is a certified asshole, which is probably why he has such high ratings on cable television. The analogy “The Guy Love You To Hate” comes to mind often when discussing him and his outrageous views on America and life in general.

Check out this vintage clip of him when he was a desk anchor for Inside Edition and watch him blow his top at producers at the end of the taping of the show. Classic asshole being an asshole.

6 thoughts on “[Video] Bill O’ Reilly- Cursing Out Producers on Inside Edition…

  1. This is really sad to see. This man obviously has a personality disorder, either that or he is just a sour, bitter man. I would hate to go through life with his dark attitude, unable to take pleasure and enjoy life.

  2. After watching Bill O’Reilly for many years and finally seeing this clip, my admiration for him has grown immensely. It shows that not only does he have human emotions, but that he too is frustrated by incompetence and idiocy. And as for the cowards that takes shots at him without using their real names…well, enough said!

  3. What a cocksucker. Can’t wait for the day this asshole finally takes a dirt nap so we don’t have to listen to his right-wing bullshit. He’s funny to watch for comedic reasons….but by no means serves any journalistic value.

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