Radio Hosts Stoop to New Lows as Remy & Shooting Victim Air It Out On Air

Remy Ma & Shooting Victim Makeda

The travesty continues…on the morning of the 14th, both Remy Ma and shooting victim Makeda Barnes-Joseph called into New York radio (Hot 97) to state their case. The radio hosts, DJ Envy and Miss Jones took this opportunity to stoop to new lows by ridiculing the young lady who was “allegedly” shot by Remy. Not only were they accusing her to be ‘out for the money’ but while she was explaining her ordeal you could hear them ad-libing her vocals with sounds of gunshots and snickering laughter. Jonesy, as she is so passionately referred to, stated her bias from the gate by telling Makeda that Remy was her girl and she was riding with her rendition of the event. Even though this girl was clearly hysterical on the phone, pleading with someone to show some compassion and hear her story these buffoons up at the radio couldn’t extend her an ounce of decency.

As a culture, Hip Hop has posed some serious questions that need answering. We are no longer family, united as one. When one of us bleeds the whole community doesn’t feel the collective pain. We draw demarcation lines and pick sides. Then Remy called and counteracted Makeda’s version of events by adding that only she and the victim were in the car but she offered no conspiracy theory as to who shot the damn girl. Then Jonesy played turncoat and styled on her alleged “friend” by giving her the “we don’t believe you, you need more people” treatment. At times like this we need some maturity on the airwaves. This is an election year for christ sakes, the cooning has to stop! One has to wonder if Jones or Envy was to get popped and we just chucked it up would that be poetic justice for how they decided to treat this girl and others who they’ve lampooned for the sake of ratings? Man, something has got to give in this city.

CLICK [HERE] to hear Makeda’s convo on Hot 97
CLICK [HERE] to hear Remy’s convo on Hot 97

3 thoughts on “Radio Hosts Stoop to New Lows as Remy & Shooting Victim Air It Out On Air

  1. I cant believe how ignorant the hosts of hot 97 are I will never listen to anything they put out, being shot is not a laughing matter, People like them contribute to the hate and ugliness of the world, Its like they lack all human emotion and most of all since.

  2. Shameful. But hiphop hasn’t failed us. Hiphop is just a word created to sell an idea. We’ve failed us. Just like technology isn’t bad, it’s what you do with it. A lack of responsibility taken and general concern for the next man stretches way beyond ‘Hiphop’. Because ‘Hiphop’ as far as it goes isn’t fully represented. That’s like saying Remy failed Black people or human beings in general because of her foolish act. You can’t put everything on a culture. Especially one that the pioneering participants have no control over.

    Honestly, I’m actually just tired of the word ‘Hiphop’ and all the extra nonsense that comes with the label. People wearing doing art, dancing and playing records. Rhymin even before someone snatched up these elements and put a name tag on it. End of the day, people in the hood were creative and did them. If a dude was tagging up a train car. He was doing it because that was his form of expression. His art or his way to define himself. When he finished up the car at the train yard he didn’t start poppin, lockin or breakin. He wasn’t beatboxing. Now I’m just ranting…

    Hot 97 is an early mornin trash bed that contributes to thousands of peoples day by giving them a does of ignorance and negative energy to walk with as they step into schools offices and what have you. One of the worst thing to be listening to as a trying to be productive person.

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