Garmin Offers “Lifetime” Blackberry GPS Navigation for $100

Tracking Device Made Nice

via Boy Genius Report

You’re not one of those people who still pays a subscription fee for navigation are you? Please say it ain’t so. If it is, it’s time to remedy your situation post haste. Forget whatever carrier service you’ve been using on your BlackBerry because Garmin is now offering their top-notch GPS navigation software for a cool $100. Voice and 3D guidance, millions of Points of Interest and Garmin quality; gotta love it.

They even have you covered with a version that works with BlackBerrys lacking internal GPS. “Lifetime” is a bit misleading however, perhaps intentionally. The license you’ll receive from Garmin is not transferable from device to device, and so it is good for the lifetime of the handset as opposed to your lifetime. Either way, if you plan to keep your shiny new BlackBerry for more than 10 months then the Garmin deal has paid for itself. Actually, factor in the unlimited traffic, weather and fuel price finder and it’s paid for in far fewer than 10 months.

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