Black Men Unite In Baltimore to “Save the Children”

Who\'s Gonna Save the Babies?

In response to some highly publicized incidents involving Baltimore school students, an initiative is being launched on July 15, Father’s Day where the goal will be enlisting 5,000 African-American men vowing to bring “positive change to their communities.” The Baltimore Convention will play host to the event, modeled after a Philadelphia initiative dubbed 10,000 Men In Philly, a call to action in Philly that is considered a model for success. Baltimore is half the size of Philly, so the modest number of 5,000 men is the modest goal.

Community leaders were joined at the Wednesday news conference with a diverse group including Police Commissioner Leonard D. Hamm and former drug kingpin Melvin “Little Melvin” Williams, the godfather of the Baltimore dope scene and the prototype of Stinger Bell on The Wire.

“A community that is afraid of its children is doomed for failure,” Morris said, referring to a recent outcry by Canton residents who don’t want a new school in their neighborhood. On the other hand, he said, a community that is prepared to “sow a seed” in the lives of its children is “destined for greatness.”

For more info on this initiative CLICK [HERE]

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