Sony to sell golf ball-sized speakers

Via AP,Breibart

The new speakers from Sony are as tiny as golf balls but deliver the big, robust sound of a top-notch home-theater sound system.
The roughly cube-shaped speakers, to go on sale in Japan next month, measure just 1.7 inches on each side, Sony Corp. spokeswoman Eiko Sato said Thursday.

The 90,000 yen ($870) system includes five golf ball-sized speakers as well as a bigger, 17 inches tall box for the amplifier and subwoofer, a feature for producing bass sounds.

The Home Theater System HT-IS100 will go on sale in North America and Europe, but pricing and dates aren’t decided yet. The technology for achieving the miniature size cannot be disclosed, Sato said.

The system connects to TVs, Blu-ray disc recorders, Sony’s PlayStation 3 video game consoles and other gadgets, according to Sony.

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