[Video] America: Freedom to Facism by Aaron Russo

Like it or not “conspiracy theory” is quickly becoming a cottage industry. Not only does it fuel Hollywood with plenty of ammo to chose from, but it also lives in the minds of an expanding majority of people who just don’t believe what they are being told by their government or shown on corporate owned and operated TV. I saw this clip over at Kaos Effect, an excerpt of an interview with the late Aaron Russo, producer of Trading Places and most recently America: Freedom to Facism.

Without lending my opinion on the various theories that are touched upon in this clip, including 9/11, the Amero (which is currently being traded so its not a rumor) and mass chipping of the population, I can say that if something makes sense to you and tweaks your interest start digging a little further and you may find the TRUTH which, is sometime stranger than fiction.

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