Lil Wayne Says “F*ck All Mixtape DJ’s!!!!”

lil wayne

Did Lil’ Wayne go and put his foot in his mouth? The lil’ homie spazzed out during an interview with Foundation magazine, a mag dedicated to the mixtape DJ. In the interview he says “F*ck, f*ck Mixtape DJ’s!” and he invited the interviewer to ‘lick the rapper’ (disrespectful) apparently out of disgust over how his music is being leaked to the public via the Mixtape DJ.

The owner of the magazine calls DJ Kay Slay and tears into Wayne, who said he is currently “smelling his self,” insinuating that even if the drugs were talking this is evidence that Weezy F. may be slipping. You know what they say about loose lips! If the Mixtape DJ’s take offense to this Wayne will be fighting an uphill battle.

CLICK [HERE] to Hear Lil’ Weezy going OFF

CLICK [HERE] for the AUDIO of Owner Calling Kay Slay

Sound Off!!

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