James Carville: “Obama “will” win the General Election…”

Source : TPM,Greg Sargent

\"I would argue that if he gets what Kerry got he will still win the election, because the dynamics have changed,\" Carville said, pointing to likely larger turnout among young voters, African Americans and other demographic changes. Carville joked, however, that he\'d be loath to see Obama fall below Kerry\'s performance

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Ardent supporter and loudmouth James Carville who has been a Clintonite for years, has finally said ‘uncle’ and admitted there is strong possibilities that Sen. Barack Obama will win the general election. This is a sharp contrast to what he has been saying for months that Obama has an ‘electability’ problem. More below:

Asked if he thought Obama would beat McCain, Carville said: “I think he will. I think Democrats will win in November…There’s a crushing desire for change in this country. No one has seen a party or brand held in such low esteem” than the Republicans.

Carville’s repeated suggestions that Obama “will” beat McCain contrast with the core Hillary message — repeated frequently by Hillary advisers — that Obama merely “can” win a general election, while Hillary “will” win it. Carville’s comments also suggest that with the fall contest looming, it’s becoming tougher for prominent Hillary backers to sustain any argument that doesn’t show full confidence in Obama’s chances against McCain.

Carville stressed that he thought Hillary was a better bet against McCain, but reiterated his confidence in Obama. “Hillary would be a stronger candidate, but I think he’ll win this thing,” Carville said.
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