Judge Orders NYPD to Open Up Stop & Frisk Records


via BET

Even though the NYPD has argued that opening its database to Civil Rights activists puts its officers at risk, N.Y. Judge Marilyn Diamond said the department should black out the details and hand over the records to the New York Civil Liberty Union in 60 days.”The NYPD has not offered any reason why the petitioner should be denied access to the same database which it has already shared with other outside organizations,” Diamond argued. “The information could “give New Yorkers a better understanding of the extent to which the NYPD targets communities of color and particularly African-American males for aggressive stops, even though they’re doing nothing wrong,” New York Civil Liberties Union executive director Donna Lieberman added. More than 50 percent of the 500,000 New Yorkers pulled over last year were black. And only in the first quarter of this year, 145,000 drivers in New York have been stopped.

20,000 Black men to hit the street this weekend. Ministers, businessmen and leaders are organizing an event in St. Louisthis weekend called “A Call to Oneness.” By promoting unity, the organizers are set out to reduce crime, empower community residents and improve life in the city’s struggling urban areas. Organizers say they expect a turn out of about 20,000 men from all walks of life. They will march along the city’s May Day parade route and assemble for a rally in park. Lewis Reed, one of the rally’s organizers said their goal isto “create a movement where its in peoples minds each and every day. He said that kind of effort can only come from church leaders.

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