Tasteless Photos of Michelle Obama Being Lynched by KKK Cause Uproar

Michelle Under Fire?

This image accompanied an article about the Obama’s on Daily Kos. After a wave of protest flooded the blogger’s comment box, he took it down and made these comments. We suggest that you continue the flood and let him know how inappropriate these images are, even if only an illustration.

12 thoughts on “Tasteless Photos of Michelle Obama Being Lynched by KKK Cause Uproar

  1. i wish everybody will just get along with each other people like emmette till, martin luther king jr,rosa parks these are people we should be honoring instead of people trying to make this world terrible.

  2. Sometimes I am ashamed not only to be white, but to be a human being! This is the worst image I have seen since I saw the aircraft going into the twin towers….will this world ever change??

  3. to the person responsible(you are a person..?) loser- lose her!!!
    there aint no rope no picture or person,that can take away her pride or power..you pitiful!!!

  4. This picture is hideous. For too long this form of hate has been accepted; however, its a new day. Whomever is responsible for posting this picture I say to you, GET OVER IT!

  5. This is awful. I pray for the person who’s responsible for this.have mercy on your sinful soul.

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