A Mil-li-on…Illegal Downloads? Lil Wayne Album Intentionally Leaked

lil weezy
via SOHH

Lil’ Wayne’s highly anticipated forthcoming studio album, Tha Carter III, was leaked over the internet, last night. And the DJ openly responsible for the act, DJ Chuck T, is vehemently lashing back at Weezy for the comments he made against mixtape DJs earlier this week.

In a statement explaining his act of vengence, DJ Chuck T wrote, “Lil’ Wayne said f*ck mixtape DJ’s…so now i’m about to show that boy the meaning of bootleg,” he explained. “I’ll be damned if I let [anyone] get away with saying f*ck me without him facing some type of repercussions, including Lil’ Wayne.”

As SOHH previously reported, Lil’ Wayne, shocked the mixtape world in an interview with Foundation magazine, where Weezy, who has had success with his Dedication and The Drought series mixtapes, cursed out and discredited the entire mixtape DJ fraternity. Appalled by the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” comments, Chuck T, a resident Dirty South DJ, decided to take a stand against Wayne.
“I see the b*tchassness of a lot of mixtape DJs right now,” Chuck said. “DJs love to talk sh*t about each other and bash each other for no reason, but are scared as hell to stand up for themselves when someone talks sh*t about the group as a collective. I figure I’ll do what I’ve been doing since day one and [stand] on my own.”

“I gave [Wayne] a pass when he kissed another man because that sh*t didn’t affect me,” he continued. “He’s not sliding on this one. Don’t buy the new Lil’ Wayne album. Download it for free!”
The irate DJ also issued an apology to his friends and associates at Wayne’s record label Cash Money/Universal Records.
“I would sincerely like to apologize to all my friends and business associates at Universal and Cash Money Records for any problems this may cause,” he explained. “If you never want to deal with me again then I totally understand. No hard feelings.”
Tha Carter III is scheduled for release on June 10.

CLICK [HERE] to hear Lil Wayne copping a plea to DJ DRAMA

19 thoughts on “A Mil-li-on…Illegal Downloads? Lil Wayne Album Intentionally Leaked

  1. lil wayne is the best fucking rapper alive and a lot of people say his music dosent make since but fuck thim all they have to sit down and licen but the song lollipop made him even better he will all ways be the best rapper a live!

  2. Fuck wat everbody else talkin bout. Im wayne biggest fan. I listen 2 his shit mornin noon and nite. He is and alwayz will b the best rapper alive!!!

  3. holllllllllllllllllllllllli sht u frikken hott my aim is rohansdaname774 add me if u hott and under 16

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