Pornstar Banned From Biggest Boob Record

Source: The Sun

Okay is it me or is she out of her f*cking mind.

A CONTROVERSIAL boob op which gave model Maxi Mounds world record breaking breasts has been banned – over safety fears.

Busty Maxi hit the record books after having the surgery which encouraged her breasts to GROW bigger.

The porn actress grabbed the title for the largest artificial boobs in the world in 2005, when they grew to a staggering 36MMM.

But now safety concerns have led the operation called polyproplyene string technique to be banned.

So Maxi’s globes look like they will be the undisputed world’s breast for a while.

15 thoughts on “Pornstar Banned From Biggest Boob Record

  1. imagine when she is an old lady, her tits will be hangong arpud her ankles ahah , not so sexy now! ( not that horrifically oversized abnormal breasts are sexy anyway)

  2. As to the “does anyone think that is sexy?” comment, think about this: she is a porn star…she is paid because of her sex appeal. Paid enough to renumberate her for radical plastic surgery. So the answer is OBVIOUS. Just because you do not like something, does not change that. I don’t like most reality TV, but I would never ask “does anybody watch this?” because the answer is OBVIOUS.

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