WTF? Is Nas’ Complex Magazine Photoshoot Borderline Suspect?

via Nahright

Now am I being close-minded by saying the realm of metro-sexuality should be left to Common and Kanye and our in-house “Hero” Nas/Nas Escobar/Nastradamus shouldn’t allow himself to be caught in these compromising positions especially in the climate that he is immersed in, talking revolutionary about the vigors of cooning and the importance of individual expression? Now if this is truly who he is, more power comrade but if he’s just adorning some threads to become another “personality” he so often morphs into..not a good look, home-skillet! There is such a thing as trying “too-hard.” Boy, this dude loves controversy, or so it seems…LOL, LMAO, SMH

11 thoughts on “WTF? Is Nas’ Complex Magazine Photoshoot Borderline Suspect?

  1. Colors are not gay!! It’s the people who wear them who are homo!! We are moving into the future so Nas, go ahead and do ya thing!! I’m about to start rocking my shit different too!! S.G, If anybody want to here me, go to ascap network, we create music. Look up Iron Lion, or DEK Records. No homo, but I fuck wit nas!!! ha ha..

  2. hey idiots, its a PHOTOSHOOT.

    but yeah you still want him to dress like yourselves and 1039485 other heads swtuck in the early 90’s.

  3. No decent album? Are you serious to dude who said he doesn’t have a decent album to back that up? Have you heard Illmatic, IWW, Stillmatic or HHID? No decent album? Kids today I swear man.

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  5. im sure he is just doing this for the photo shoot and he dosent dress like this everyday. but how would this make him borderline suspect anyway? in nyc everybody dresses like this everywhere.the skater kids the hipsters the sneaker heads or just anybody without classification. these are new times. the word metrosexual holds no meaning anymore. people are waaaay too open minded these days to even put a term like that to any style. kanye might dress like this too but he didnt invent it. everybody has got to evolve sometime in this case fashion is evolving for everyone including nas……

  6. I just picked up that issue and I was scratchin my head…to me, this wasn’t Nas at all… He’s a older head to…I know Nas is COMPLEX but that was a stretch…mark….

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