Is This Century Earth’s Last?

via ABC News

With the catastrophic weather patterns that are devastating Middle America the question begs to be asked, will the world make it to 2100 without immediate intervention? ABC not only poses the question, but they are allowing the people to fashion their own version of an answer.

Experts say that extreme changes in climate, combined with dwindling resources, famine, war and disease have the potential to create a post-apocalyptic world in less than a hundred years. Harvard University and Woods Hole climatologist John Holdrens says we cannot continue going down the same path.

“If we continue on business as usual, we are going to see more floods, more droughts, more heat waves, more wildfires, more ice melting, faster sea level rise,” Holdren said.

“We really have less than a decade to start getting this right. If we’re still dragging our feet in 2015 I think it really becomes at that point almost impossible for the world to avert a degree of climate change that we simply will not be able to manage without intolerable cost and consequences.”

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2 thoughts on “Is This Century Earth’s Last?

  1. The way things sound is that it actually may be too little too late to do anything concrete to stop the damage already done.

    Why did the powers that be wait till we are on the brink of disaster.

  2. The Question isn’t if it will be Earth’s last, but humanity’s. We need to invest more money in Recycling, Solar Energy, Wind, and Hydrogen. I’m personally not too keen on Bio-fuels and Nucleur.

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