Nokia 6205 Dark Knight Mobile Has Arrived

Batman, Can You Hear Me Now?

Clearly the theme of this movie going season is comic book adaptations and long-awaited sequels. Well this franchise has both going in its favor, not to mention mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of one of its principal stars, The Joker. Can you spell BLOCK BUSTER? So it is no surprise that brands will be cross integrating with this promotion. The world’s biggest cellphone manufacturer partners with what could arguably be the biggest movie this summer to bring to you the Bat-Mobile.

via IntoMobile

With the next Batman movie scheduled to hit theaters within a month (July 18), Verizon and Nokia are releasing the special edition of the Nokia 6205 clamshell. The device comes in a “mysterious black color” and is embellished with a subtle “The Dark Knight” emblem. In addition, the device is pre-loaded with themed wallpapers, voice tones, animated screensavers and a full movie trailer.

Specs wise, the Get It Now-enabled Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight edition is identical to the original device and includes such features as 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, 58 MB of internal memory and a microSD memory slot. Supported services include VZ Navigator and Mobile Web.

Finally, in the Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight edition retail box, customers will also find a Joker playing card with a code and a link to the website, where they can play games to win more The Dark Knight-themed prizes, and download exclusive The Dark Knight content from Verizon’s V CAST service.

The Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight edition will be available online for $69.99 after a $50 online instant rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.

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