The Battle For Facebook

Rolling Stone has an excellent in-depth look into the controversy behind the creation of social networking behemoth FACEBOOK. Mark Zuckerman, the twenty something billionaire who is recognized as the youngest richest dude on the globe is under fire from four Harvard classmates that allege Mark stole their idea for FACEBOOK and never compensated them for the heist. Mark has also fell out with members of his inner-circle that allege that they too have been pushed out by Mark as he sets to fashion and mold the next Google. If the allegations are true Mark would gain admittance to an exclusive club though, the one that understands that every super successful American company is built on a crime.

In a lawsuit one judge describes as a “blood feud,” three fellow Harvard students claim Zuckerberg fleeced their idea after they hired him to code a social-networking site they were creating. “We got royally screwed,” Divya Narendra, one of the students, has testified. And in April, another classmate, Aaron Greenspan, filed a petition to cancel Facebook’s trademark, claiming he invented an online facebook months before Zuckerberg. Greenspan, who has compiled reams of e-mails chronicling his months of communication with Zuckerberg, bristles at equating the Facebook prodigy with Microsoft’s founder. “Gates was shrewd, calculating and insanely competitive, bordering on autistic,” Greenspan writes in his self-published autobiography. “Mark was inarticulate and naive.”

CLICK [HERE] for the rest of this story.

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