Dogfighter Tied to Michael Vick Gets 13 Years

Photo courtesy of Y-It’s-Mom

CINCINNATI (AP) — A man who authorities say sometimes refereed fights involving former NFL star Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation has been sentenced to 13 1/2 years in prison.

Authorities say Terry Kendrick bred fighting dogs in the basement of his Cincinnati home and had connections to dogfighting from New York to Florida to Texas.

Judge Robert Ruehlman said photographs and videos showed mauled dogs and blood-stained rings.

Ruehlman sentenced Kendrick to six years for dogfighting and seven-and-a-half more years for marijuana trafficking. Kendrick apologized in court Monday.

Vick is a former Atlanta Falcons quarterback serving a 23-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to federal charges. He still faces state dogfighting charges in Virginia.

26 thoughts on “Dogfighter Tied to Michael Vick Gets 13 Years

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  2. i fight dogs, and i hang em after the fight if they loose or sumtimes win, nothin sick in that, try googling unit 731, thats evil,dog fighting is a sport, like ppl fighting

  3. I have two pitbulls…they are amazing…the difference between killing people and killing animals is this. Some people deserve to die, child rapists, murderers, etc. But dogs, cats and other animals that we have domesticated live there lives for us and have no other choice. And from what i can see enjoy living their lives with people. If any of you silly, ignorant and severely uneducated people think that killing helpless and unknowing animals is equal to human on human cruelty you have a lot of learning to do.

    I will say this 100% honestly, if i had the oppurtunity to murder Michael Vick, in cold blood, i would, without even batting an eyelash. He is evil and sick, and i would make it a slow death. maybe even invite his family…

    Enjoy your ranting and raving after this one Vick lovers.

  4. lilbabiange learn how to spell. your an obviously need to go back to pre school if yo cant spell because. and why would you send your prayers to him? he doesnt deserve them anyways he deserves the death penalty.

  5. michael vick deserves to die. vick deserves to get the death penalty for what he did. it was a sick act. its not about finding god or any of that other crap u weird people are saying. he deserves to die by either the law or by the dogs he tortured.
    and for the record yes i do believe in god.

  6. michael vick should have a broom handle shoved up his ass so far he bleeds to death,and the inmate who did it should be hailed as a hero,piece of shit i hope he gets tortured to death once out.

  7. micheal vick waz a very good quarter back he probably would still be if he wasnt in jail.i understand wat he did was wrong but he shouldnt deserve to die.people juz try to mess wit him just becauz he is famous.people kill other people but u dont say anything like he deserves to die u will probably just say that was if u say he needs to die just over some dogs that were hurt u r very wrong.all the advice i have for the people who said he should die
    yall need help or try god
    number 2
    get a life
    number 3
    and at least try to pray for him not against
    im sorry yall have the opinion he should dye but u really need help cauz if someone say dat 2 u wood be peed off.

  8. ok for one thing…what he did was wrong but he doesnt deserve to die. i mean he can’t play football. that was his career. he is being punished. and he is having to see this crap everyday. there is alot worse stuff he cpuld be doing. like i said dog fighting is wrong. i hate it. but he shouldnt die.

  9. any dog fighter should be f***ing killed really or tourtured by the dog untill death …this is for all of you dog fighter’s out the go find a fucking dark hole and die in you stupid sick basterds:@!

  10. to all whom bilieve in there mind that michael vick should die should go find god in there life we all make simple mistakes we are only human. i know he regrets what he has done and he is paying for what he has done but who are we to hold him to it. i am a big fan of sports and i think the NFL should allow him to play. so the world could know i think he is serving his time and you all need to get off his case. i am also tully sorry for the dogs that were hurt in this mess but dogs are very forgiving animals and they would forgive him… my prayers go out to michael vick and his loved ones xoxoxox hazel in hollywood florida

  11. HA, micheal vick, hmmm, i want to have a word with this guy! yeahh im going to tell him what an inconsiderate jerk he is! ughh…he better not be able to play…

  12. More than 1000 rushing yards in 1 season unbelievebal….
    Nobody is perfect, he is what he is….
    I wish he could play one more year in the NFL

  13. this is horrible i’ve seen what happens to dogs in these cases and it’s not pretty. how could you have any enjoyment watching that happen to animals. aren’t they suppose to be man’s best friends!

  14. he is a sick fuckin person, he deserves to sit in jail with all the other fucked up people, we shold love our animals, not hurt them.. fuck any one who thinks he has a right to do that!

  15. This guy below me, “Ethan” you deserve to be fed to those dogs and Vick should be thrown in there with you. you both are fucking stupid to think that that’s ok!

  16. michael vick is a sorry peice of shit and deserves to be killed, i mean he can’t play or “perform” as it would be put concerning his dogs, therfore he ha no use, sorry fk deserves death.

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