Jersey City Mayor Shoots Down Jim Jones Event

Jim Jones

via The Buzz Rewind

It has been reported that the invitation for rapper and hip-hop mogul Jim Jones to perform at a Jersey City school on National HIV Testing Day has been rescinded, with city officials saying his work promotes violence.

Officials say they nixed the invite from the city Department of Health and Human Services when they read some of Jones’ lyrics.

Jones has been very candid about losing his father and uncle to AIDS. City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill said that while the June 27 event has been canceled, the city is offering free HIV testing at several locations through the end of June.

“The City of Jersey City is proud to sponsor events during the month of June that encourage our residents to be tested for HIV/AIDS,” Morrill said. “When it was brought to the attention of the Mayor’s Office staff that Mr. Jones was the star of the concert, a careful review of Mr. Jones’ lyrics was done and ultimately the decision was made to cancel the show.

“Mayor (Jerramiah) Healy has always been a proponent of positive outlets for our youth and a strong gun control advocate,” she added. “Mr. Jones’ lyrics speak of violence to women and police, of the drug trade and guns, and other activities that Mayor Healy could not endorse by sponsoring an event featuring Mr. Jones.”

3 thoughts on “Jersey City Mayor Shoots Down Jim Jones Event

  1. let jim jones make his music and continue to give the people music real music not just bla bla bla shit other rappers say on there songs not him i kinda look up to him even as a 21 year old because i can relate to him i mean i grew up in the street and he talks about the real shit that happens on the street so why say bad and wrong things about him for that hes just telling the truth shit i think we need more rappers like him who just dont care about what people think about his music and just rap about the real shit that goes on in the hood im in the national guard and protect of country day in and day out i served 2 tours in iraq and am about to go back for a 3rd one so im not just some dumb nigga from the hood i educated myself so just let the man be

  2. i think jim jones is a down to earth ass nigga and i personaly dont think he infulences violence people do and you shouldnt point the finger at someone who just makes music and trys to help the young kids and older people as well so to me i think that by canceling him and saying that he promotes or encourages violence thats just a lie everyone has there own mind and knows wright from wrong its your own decision to do the wrong thing not someone elses

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