Spike Looks To Katrina Sequel, other Projects in motion…

Spike is certainly busy these days which is a stark change to when it took years to hear about a new project. He also has had a recent profile upswing when he got into with Clint “Shut Your Face” Eastwood over black soldiers being omitted from his “Letters From Iwo Jima”. Anyway check out what The Spike got Cooking…

Spike says his documentary about Michael Jordan\'s last season should be ready next year.

via Reuters

Spike Lee may not be done with Hurricane Katrina yet.

The director of the HBO miniseries “When the Levees Broke” said Thursday he’s considering visiting the area where Katrina struck again in the next 24 months for a potential follow-up to “Levees.”

“I’m going to go back, not just to New Orleans but to other areas affected, because it’s not over,” he said at Silverdocs, the AFI/Discovery Channel documentary fest in Silver Spring, Md., near Washington, D.C.

While Lee didn’t specify what the project would cover, he hinted at its focus when he described his feelings about the current situation on the Gulf Coast. “What the press is not really talking about is the mental state — suicide, self-medication,” he said. “It’s horrible.”

Lee also said he thinks there’s room for a scripted feature about post-Katrina New Orleans, and tipped that “The Wire” creator David Simon, whose “Generation Kill” debuts this summer on HBO, may be working on such a picture.

Lee also offered other bits about his own work. He said that his day-in-the-life documentary on Kobe Bryant would kick off the NBA season on ABC/ESPN this fall, while his documentary about Michael Jordan’s last season should be ready next year.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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