Curtis Is Having His Worst Week Ever; Baby Moms Piles On

50 Cent and son Marquise

Now in life, especially in journalism they say there is always the story behind the story. With that said, I find it unsettling that celebrity is such an intrusive medium. Now just because we invest our energy in an artist doesn’t mean we need to know every single thing about their personal life because if you leave out one detail than the scales can be tipped to make the picture look lopsided. Case in point, this past week’s fiasco’s starring Curtis Jackson. I’m the first to admit we don’t know everything, but from what we do know 50 is a weird dude. First we find out the best friend of Curtis’ idol (Mike Tyson) was the one who tried to rub him out in the first place (jump starting his career nonetheless). Isn’t it kind of eerie to know that Curtis is occupying the same crib that Homicide used to chill in? Even sometime slept in? Then you had the Young Buck incident which many feel was juvenile and a low-blow, not to mention the ‘stick close to me’ comments. To end the week with a cherry on top you have the ongoing drama between him and his baby mama.

The rabbit hole runs deep on this one because you have an ongoing arson investigation in the mix with loose implications implying this dude may have (allegedly) been responsible for trying to burn the crib down that housed his seed. Now baby moms (Shaniqua Tompkins) is on TMZ exposing Curtis for the father he never was (after Curtis got her served with papers). No baseball, basketball games with Marquise. Nothing? Now, it ain’t my place to judge no man, but damn Curtis. Two weeks ago we just reported that this negro might be the first rapper to crack the elusive Billionaire’s Boy Club bubble. It reminds me of what my grand moms used to always say; “What use is it if a man gains all the gold in exchange for his soul.” And just to think we ain’t even a week removed from Father’s Day. Barack Obama was talking bout niggers like this!

CLICK [HERE] for the TMZ interview with Shaniqua.

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