Breaking News:[Audio] More Racist Comments By Don Imus-“What Color is He?”

Source: Breibart

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Don Imus who gained untold notoriety and infamy for his racist banter on his tv and radio programs, leading up to his idiotic comments about the Rutgers womens basketball team, is back up to his old tricks in this clip from his radio show.

Old fart Warner Wolf and Imus are discussing troubled NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones who wants to drop the nickname ‘Pacman’ because he wants to make a fresh start and he feels the name has a negative attachment to it.

Now Jones has not been a model citizen in the least and will have to do a lot more than change his name to get people to view him differently due to his frequent arrests, but Imus’s “What color is he?” was way outta line and he should be severly reprimanded for his actions.

Am I wrong?

4 thoughts on “Breaking News:[Audio] More Racist Comments By Don Imus-“What Color is He?”

  1. You’re right because in most cases where families are found slaughtered or mass murders at schools, it has been who? Exactly!

  2. Damn… what happened to freedom of speech? It’s true what he said… the only cases of shootings and players found unconcious or shot dead in their homes because of being involved in illegal situations have been who? Exactly. Case Closed.

  3. When you listen carefully to this comment Imus first ridicules Jones’ recitivist rogue behavior and then neatly files it under a “lawless’ black sterotype. Anyone need only hear it to know there is no misunderstanding. This should not go away quietly.

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