KRS-One Launches “I AM HIP HOP” Publishing

KRS-One w/Street Knowledge Fam

via Hip Hop DX

It was announced this morning that KRS-One [click to read] has launched an exclusive publishing imprint under powerHouse Books, called I Am Hip Hop. The imprint will be overseen by the Hip Hop icon, and intends to publish works in a variety of sub-genres, including philosophy, photography and novels. All the releases will be hand-picked by KRS-One.

“The I Am Hip Hop imprint will serve as a home for real and true expressions of Hip Hop. I commend powerHouse for being brave enough to stand up for real culture,” said KRS. Craig Cohen, President and Executive Publisher of powerHouse added, “Working with KRS-One offers a rare opportunity and privilege to play a part in history in the making. This founding father of Hip Hop was behind the legendary Boogie Down Productions and is arguably more creative in 2008 than ever before.”

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