SOHH Hacked & Spammed With Racist Nazi Headlines, Pics

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I awoke this morning and was put on to a vicious attack on SOHH. The site’s homepage was spammed with racist headlines and titles to there videos were changed to Some Nigger ft Some Nappy Headed Ho.
I was given a anonymous tip about these hackers and sent the info below.This is a must read from all our whole internet community. Please pass this on:

Full story under the cut…

via LvLSelect

Make sure all of your security and passowords are on point and don’t
mention 4chan.

Popular Hip-Hop news and editorial website was attacked
earlier this morning by the notorious hacking group known as anonymous
or simply 4chan. The details surrounding the cause of this attack is
sketchy at the moment, but it has also been reported that other rival
Hip-Hop sites such as World Star Hip-Hop, Dat Piff, and All Hip-Hop
were under siege by the hackers as well.

Was it an act of hate or random internet warfare? At first thought, it
may seem likely as rival message board sites do in fact spam and
attempt hacks on one another. But nothing seems to be on the scale of
the devastating attack’s forums received.

From the information we’ve gathered here at, the attack
was coordinated by the hackers in retaliation due to the taunting from
several members in SOHH’s JBO (Just Buggin’ Out) forum, which is
designed for general discussion.

The attack begain with simple spamming and defacing of the website
with grotesque pictures and derogatory terms, assuming this was enough
for SOHH’s forums until members continued to provoke them.

// –> // –> // –> // –> // –> // –> // –> // –> // –>

According to 4chan’s unofficial encyclopedia, the time line of the
event is as follows below:

It all started in the ‘Just Bugging Out’ (possibly Niggaspeak for “Low
Blood Chicken”) section of the SOHH forums with a thread titled
*Stands in the middle of street and calls 4Chan out* here. They’ve
made a new thread. It’s Here. Judging by the sheer volume of African
Americans in jail, this sort of ‘goading the hurricane’ behavior makes
sense. Typical nigger interactions include bragging about how much
money they (don’t) make, the speed in which their WalMart plastic hub
spinners rotate, and how many whyte wimmenz they’ve given the
African-Injected Dick Sickness (AIDS) to. However, Anonymous has no
regard for ones material gains, a loud-mouth, and how “nannified” a
racial demographic is. Anonymous only exists to destroy. That lesson
has been made abundantly clear to

First Wave
The campaign opened up with standard Shock Pic procedure, followed up
with spam posting. By keeping the admins and moderators busy, they
were too distracted to see the Low Orbital Ion Cannons put into place.
Gigs of needless bandwidth was taken from them, achieving a quasi-DDoS
on the target. The well-known vulnerabilities fo vB were utilized to
kick people off the board, and their md5 hashes were stolen when they
logged back in. Rainbow tables and brutes were utilizes to crack them
until a few admin passwords were taken. With such a tremendous force
thrown at them in such a short amount of time, the Negroid mind’s
natural response was to fall back on what gets it through the average
welfare day: More tough talk and absurd claims of a Pyhrric Victory.
Anonymous immediately responded by taking down the entire forum.

Second Wave refugees spread to the remaining Hip-Hop communities, such as and A few Anon strike teams independently
followed these people to their new sanctuaries to measure resistance
and provide proof of the viciousness of a wrathful Anonymous. A few
niggers were part of 4chan culture and tried to spread
counter-intelligence on 4chan by saying the Newfags are ruining the
raid. In reality, The Low Orbital Cannons were ordered to retreat, and
the strategic zerg rush of Anonymous was brought back into the
planning stages for the next devastating assault on this atrocious
cultural blight on the internet. Many niggers became downright fearful
and ratted out their fellow kin while others were even were baleeting
their accounts in fear.

Third Wave
As of 3PM EST on June 25th, the SOHH forums were down. In the meantime
the BWRAEP turned toward the SOHH main page. The main page was brought
down for around 20 minutes at 3:30PM. The forums popped back up just
in time for the planned 6PM raid and were promptly shut down, and as
of 9:30PM they are still down. /b/tards are purposefully leaking the
main page’s bandwidth instead of taking it completely down.

At some point between 8:30PM and 10PM the /b/tards redirected their
attention to where many of the souljahboy cock
suckers had taken refuge. It was BWRaep’d in the same fashion and was

If you were to visit SOHH’s website at this time, it is avialiable to
view and read news articles as normal but their forms are left
unavailable. Earlier today there was a message simply saying “BRB”,
but in reality this may just be R.I.P. for the forums.

This is nothing new for these hackers. They have reportedly known for
hacking into random Myspace accounts, flooding them with homosexual
pictures and other various forms of content with the intent of
disgusting visitors. Stealing information from users has been
speculated, but none knows the true depth of these attacks. These
hackers are also known as terrorists for their numerous bomb threats
that have “promised” in the past. None have actually occurred in
relation to them at this time.

// –> // –> // –> // –> // –> // –> // –> // –> // –>

SOHH is this just the beginning? No one is sure at the moment, but
sites are taking precautions as All Hip Hop has reset user passwords
for accounts and other forums are prohibiting the discussion of any
hacking attempts or 4chan in general.

121 thoughts on “SOHH Hacked & Spammed With Racist Nazi Headlines, Pics

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  4. Derek Bishop is Isouljaboy.
    he’s from Amityville newyork.
    he started the sohh vs.4chan drama.
    he went to amityville memorial high
    and graduated in 07′
    the prick.

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    And I´m getting tired of the word ´´nigger´´ its olmost funny if theire using the same word year after year! they most be to stupid to think of something else.
    So fulgy stupid nazi´a! .. get a life! and take an inside make-over … bey bey greetzzzzzz from holland

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  12. ^^^why don’t you get back into the kitchen and make me some pie you stupid cunt before I stuff my foot up in your ass.

    Funny how all of these fucks are always talking about “Stop Snitching” but when the ass kicking comes down everybody wants to run to the cops and feds.

    Tell Al and Jesse to suck my dick. Niggaz don’t know bout my internets

  13. “The fact is, you and your little schoolyard buddies specifically chose racist imagery and terminology in order to target that site.”

    It’s called trolling dumbass. ie: utilizing material in such a way that provokes the greatest negative reaction from the target.

    Get off the internet.

  14. “I’m the man that made the thread calling 4chan out and obviously I didn’t think they was gonna bring down the whole site….but that’s my fault for not knowing what I was dealing with…I was just doing what cats do in JBO..and that was “just bugging out””

    Don’t fuck with the final boss of the internet nigger.

  15. i herd the ultra militant branch of sohh/jbo is planning irl raids on the next scientology protests to target 4chan in every major city and country to facefag every one and swiss cheese some melons. i also herd m.o.p., g-unit, necro, gangstarr, mos def and joel ortiz are holding a “end racism, down with 4chan” rally and show in nyc next week in response to this.

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  18. I love how someone hacks something, and the blame automatically get’s pinned on 4chan.

  19. r00t,the admin at SOHH isnt even a guy…its a female and her name is Felicia Palmer…Take what this nerd says with a grain of salt…Seems to me he has a C++ study book from the library and is trying to hit you guys with terms like he knows what he’s doing…

  20. fukking nazis and kkk the lowest of the lowest scumbags our world has the misfortune of having. you stupid creatures don’t even have sympathy from your own mothers, go fuk yourselvs

  21. ~~Also, please don’t call me a racist, I’m not a racist, I helped play a BIG part in hacking Hal Turner:~~

    You’re mistaking me for someone who gives a damn.

    The fact is, you and your little schoolyard buddies specifically chose racist imagery and terminology in order to target that site. You could’ve used any number of routes (pun unintended) for a little payback. Or you could’ve gone the adult route and just ignored the jab. But because of your juvenile thinking you went the *easy* way, the RACIST way. The fact that you chose that kind of attack says a lot more about you than any hacked IP addresses ever could.

  22. Angel H
    “I’m asking you, why haven’t you done anything about it?”

    Oh I have, I sent faxes/emails to local schools, news/media compaines and I know some people who are compiling lists of addresses local to the admin of to mail them information about the monster living in their neighbour hood, not to mention we pasted teh email everwhere online and informed the people at dateline NBC, Chriss Hansen’s going to make him take a seat lol.

    I’d say I’ve done my fair share, wouldn’t you?

    Also, please don’t call me a racist, I’m not a racist, I helped play a BIG part in hacking Hal Turner:

    Hal is one of the biggest racists you will ever meet, I helped hack alot of his stuff after he posted a minors information on his main site calling for the KKK, VNN, SF, and other kinds of people to “deliver justice” to this kid just because he called in to hals show and played a little prank on Hal.

    We also fucked over alot of other racists too, Vonbluves got owned by us, so did Yanky Jim (lol he’s dead no lololol).

    Just do a search on google for Anonymous vs Hal Turner, trust me, we’ve owned alot of racists/idiots and general lolcows.

  23. ~~I’m 15, i’ve allready stated that twice, didn’t you learn to read in school? And you call me the “dumbass” hahaha.~~

    15?? Puh-leeze.
    The only thing you should be worrying about now is whether your face will break out on Picture Day and when – if? – your other testicle will descend. Thee fact that you took it upon yourself to feed into someone else’s negativity (The offending post wasn’t even addressed to you specifically, was it?) shows such immaturity that I’ll maintain my original speculation and say that you can’t possibly be over 10 years old. (If not physically, then mentally.)

    ~~You’re right in away, they are strangers, they will NEVER know me, my name or place of origin but I know everything about them, like the Admin of, he likes to solicit(sp) sex from school girls and cheats on his girl, howcome we’re not discussing that? Hmmmm? I can post the emails, screen caps and possibly some logins for you to check yourself if you don’t beleive me? Or do you peeople support the PEDOFILE at

    True story: I work with the Department of Juvenile Justice in my state. So many of the kids I work with – all convicted felons – are so smart and so talented that it’s a wonder they end up the way that they do. One of their problems: Their thought processes and moral compasses aren’t aligned properly. If a kid can make a tattoo machine from copy machine toner, ink pens and various other garbage lying around, that kid should use his talents to become an engineer. If a girl has enough business sense to have subordinates selling drugs for her, she should start her own IPO. If you’re so damn good at what you do, then use your talents for the benefit of society, instead of just leeching off of it.

    You ask why aren’t we discussing the admin’s transgressions. I’m asking you, why haven’t you done anything about it?

  24. Angel H

    I’m 15, i’ve allready stated that twice, didn’t you learn to read in school? And you call me the “dumbass” hahaha. 😀

    You’re right in away, they are strangers, they will NEVER know me, my name or place of origin but I know everything about them, like the Admin of, he likes to solicit(sp) sex from school girls and cheats on his girl, howcome we’re not discussing that? Hmmmm? I can post the emails, screen caps and possibly some logins for you to check yourself if you don’t beleive me? Or do you peeople support the PEDOFILE at

    It wasn’t too hard really, didn’t take long at all, while I was cracking the encrypted passwords on my machine I was enjoying time with my girlfriend watching TV and basically just hangin out.

    Didn’t take long at all to run rainbow tables against the MD5 passwords, some of them were pritty weak too, mostly lowercase alpha, some alpha-numeric but no one (atleast who I saw) went for the 16char-upper+lowercase-alpha-numeric+special char password which would have beed alot, lot harder to crack.

    Also because everyone was helping deface the site it happened pritty quickly, haha, people were even fighting over who’s deface was going up lol.

    Hahaha, the funny thing is… This “dumbass kid” out smarted you all lol, think about for a second. 😀

    I like you really Angel, maybe we can be friends?

  25. r00t:

    You’re what 9, 10 years old, right?

    This is the INTERNET…Those were STRANGERS…People who never have, had, and most likely will never have anything to do with you in real life. You’ll never see their faces or know their names, and they’ll never see your faces and know your name. And you and the rest of you little numbnuts went to ALL THAT TROUBLE to retaliate against someone who couldn’t give two shits about you and your damn pride!

    You’re a dumbass to the nth degree! GET OVER YOURSELF!!

  26. [Don’tFeedAnonymous!]

    Try it, find a machine protected by the firewall and do:

    r00t@y0urb0xis0wn3d:~$ ping IPhere

    Or if you one of these faggots who use Windows do:

    c:\ping IPhere -t -l 5000

    Use CTRL + C to stop it.

    Then watch as your firewall goes batshit insane because of the massive flood of incomming TCP packets, I shit you not, you cannot connect to the firewall because it will DDoS you before you have chance.

    Eastern machines are really, really vulnerable to exploitaion like buffer overflows, stack overflows and off-by-one errors, you find me a chinese IP thats on the same network as the firewall which doesn’t flood back and I’ll fuck it over, other than that I don’t fancy getting my machines DDoS’d.

    If you were inside China you’d proberbly have a better chance, especially if you were able to plug in to the same network the firewall was on locally.

    There’s also other methods for connection to chinese sites, and for chinese people to connect to western sites/server via the use of prxy servers, SHH tunnels and VPN’s. There’s even online webhosts which provide tunneling through china.

    Maybe you’ve been living in a box for the last few months but we’ve allready hit high profile targets like Scientology which are known for their assaults on their critics and legal battles etc…. Search it on google, it’s well doccumentd.

    Google: “Anonymous vs Scientology”

    We hacked thier servers, their office machines, their home macines, leaks gigs of data and there was some people I know in the dark corners of IRC who were even Sniffing some of the major COS machines connections and he still has r00t on their networks.

    The fact is, no ammount of security will keep your systems safe, you can only be protected against whats known. People like me, a blackhat finds 0day (new holes in code which can be exploited) everyday, how can you be “secure” if you’re not patched to protect from it? And if it’s not known about there can’t be a patch for it, get what im saying?

    People who say they’re “secure” are a favourite target for me because 9 times out of 10 I have a 0day to ruin their online experience. Even some of the software you use to protect you can have errors in it which allows an overflow to occur which then gives me a nice little shell to execute commands on your machine without you even knowing a thing about it.

    Infact, I can bet atleast 80% of people reading this now are infected with some kind of backdoor like a bot, alot of people are infected with bots, most of the good bots/worms like storm worm you wont even notice because it uses a polymorphic engine to change it’s signature and patches it’s self to the kernel.

    You are right in what you say though, the gov doesn’t care if some random person loses their blog, or if someones server got 0wn3d. If I rmemeber correctly you have to have caused more than $5000’s worth of damage before the FBI will even investigate but what do I know im just some random 15yr old “kid”.

    You start attacking gov, gov will come for you it’s as simple as that, but just because they’re gov doen’t mean they can trace you, I know other people like myself who are waaaaay more eleet than me who make the security industry pull their hair out.

    “Anonymous simply likes to pick on the weak rather than truly powerful forces.”
    I know it may seem like that, but we didn’t start this, sure our response was a bit over the top but if someone called you out in the streets you’d say something back right? Or you’d retaliate with more force to show that you’re not one to be fucked with.

    I know, “You could just walk away and ignore it” etc…
    The fact is we did, it was sohh that kept going on, and on provoking us, taunting us etc… It’s like being bullied at school, you get shit for weeks/years and finall you EXPLODE!

    Some perfect stranger “calls you out” on the Internet, and you respond by posting racist imagery on a hip-hop site? Srsly?!? I don’t know about anyone else, but I left behind that kind of petty nonsense back in grade school. Put on your big-boy shorts and step out into the real world, LOSERS!
    Y’know what’s worse than a loser? A racist loser! And don’t feed me that crap about how “it’s not really racist; we only used racism as a tool against a black site”. Bullshit! Guess what, turds? Your white hoods are slipping!

  28. I touched a nerve, a raw one at that. The idea isn’t retarded, but a example of the limits of the so-called power of Anonymous. Even though I know very little of your group, and I truly don’t care to learn much, it seems that knowing “how to internets” revolves around getting cheap laughs from harassing soft targets. There’s this saying that someone told me during one of my travels ( I like to get out of the house, and um, live life), she said even in the Jungle there are rules. Your group follows them to the letter. Do enough to get attention, but not enough to actually place one’s self in danger of being taken away by the police or some other law enforcement agency. What’s so great about that? No one will remember the attacks after a while, and it fades in obscurity. People, resilient as they are, move on. I can’t even say that your comment enrages me, I just feel sorry for you, because it such a waste of precious time. This is how you derive some semblance of agency within your life, and its apparent from your screeds that in the real, ugly, flesh and blood world you don’t have much. Do you really want to be 55, alone, and e-thugging ( sorry no difference between you or the sohh members who “called you out”)?

    “””Hack the great firewall of china? Give chinese people un censored internet? You dont understand do you? Why would we want to do that? What do we gain from it? NOTHING, SWEET FUCK ALL.””

    That’s a fucking lie, and you know it. That feat is so fucking epic, that your names would be whispered in hushed tones. Respect. Absolute Fear. Fame. You belittle it because the shear enormity of the task overwhelms you. Even though you tell me only physically wailing on the firewall could destroy it, how can I believe you? For all I know, you wrote that to simply save face. If it’s made by human hands, anyone can break it.
    Alas, I’m not a techie, and my interest lie else where. I focus on what I can do to make the world a better place.

    Shorter version of this note: Not impressive or funny, Anonymous simply likes to pick on the weak rather than truly powerful forces.

  29. If the /b/ folks ever pulled a stunt like that on a US/EU gov website, trust that the authorities will find them. You guys can’t even trust each other. That’s why the /b/ores only attack small, independent, defenseless sites. The authorities won’t invents the time and energy to find them. They don’t care. But as soon as they attack larger institutions, the /b/ores will be hunted down like the mice that they are.

    As a casual observer with no emotional attachment to either group, I think 4chan lost big time. Non hip hop sites are picking up this story and it makes them look like a bunch of hateful, ignorant assholes without any sort of social life what so ever. They don’t control the internet, because if they were that powerful and brilliant, they would hack into the great (electronic) wall of China and enable regular Chinese people to have unfettered access to information. But they are not that cool or that brave. They are the bottom suckers of the net and will happily tell you they are such. Behind their proxies they’re nothing but a bunch of sociopathic pansies who don’t contribute anything positive to society. Anyone who fears these people and take their nonsense seriously need to seek help

    [*]Starting rant………..
    [*}Posting rant:
    Hack the great firewall of china? Give chinese people un censored internet? You dont understand do you? Why would we want to do that? What do we gain from it? NOTHING, SWEET FUCK ALL.

    What is interesting though is the fact that Anonymous has come up with an Idea to use the great firewall of China as a weapon of mass destruction. Basically if you ping the firewall it sends out a massive TCP flood to “drown” the offending computer. We’re able to spoof packest to make the firewall beleive that we are someone else which inturn gets another maching flooded instead.

    Like this…
    Lets say my IP is
    My targets IP is

    If I ping the firewall using my IP “” the firewall will send a massive flood to my IP “” thus killing my connection preventing me from connecting to it.

    Basically if I use my computer to spoof my IP and make it look like another I can make the firewall flood that instead so basically I make the firewall belive my IP is “” when in actual fact I am “”. The firewall will flood “” instead LOL.

    There’s a problem to this tough, alot of ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have something called the “egress filter” which stops you generating and sending spoofed packets throgh their network. Then again not alot of ISP’s impliment this sucessfully.

    There is no way to “hack” the great firewall of China because it NUKES any machine that attempts to connect to it, there’s no way arround it. The only way to do it would be to have physical accsess to the firewall, fuck it over good if you know what I mean?

    You can sit there all you want and say “Oh if you’re so great you should do XXXXXXXXX” The fact is we proberbly could do alot of things with our skills, good things too but we choose not to.

    Why don’t you take the time to learn C, Assembly, SQL, PHP, ASP, C++, Ruby, Python, perl and all the other assorted languages and use your skills to “free the helpless people of china”?

    In short, kill yourself for a retarded idea.

    [*]Rant completed sucessfully.

  31. Dear “The word”.
    You have no idea do you? We’re called Anonymous for a reason, we spend alot fo time creating fake profiles, dropping fake information about ourselfs to throw people off track. We don’t use our home machines to hack sites, we use machines that have allready been hacked to hack other sites, look it up, it’s called “SSH tunneling”.

    Do you really think that the people who are capable of knocking out any site/server they wish are unable to secure and mask their own connection? HAHAHAHAH, get a grip you retard. The kid who you’re going after on the myspace proberbly doesn’t even know what 4chan is, it’s not hard to find some random persons information and pics on google and add them to a profile and link that profile to an online identiy so someone else gets the blame lol, it’s also a tradition to pose as one of our old enemies in hope that person will get raaaaaged.

    You all think you’re smart, you think you know us when in actual fact you don’t know us at all. Your lame firewalls and IDS systems wont save you, the FBI wont save you, well… atleast not in my country lol, infact, in my country you could proberbly kill someone and get away with it HAHAHAHA.

    Have you ever heard of the TOR network? Do you know how to hack a router, connect to it and then attack from it? Hmm? Yeah, you can basically be in Serbia and use a machine in the US to attack another machine remotely and there’s no trace what so fucking ever fo it happening, you think we can be “traced” IF WE CAN BE TRACED HOW THE FUCK HAS OUR MOVEMENT OWNED THOUSANDS OF SERVERS AND NEVER, NOT ONCE, NOT EVEN A BIT BEEN CAUGHT BY FBI/NSA/MI5/INTEROL/ OR W/E?

    The most you could do is proberbly take down one of the chans, proberbly get the admin in court but do you think that will stop us? I’ve lost count how many times the “FBI are going to get me”. We have millions of memebers, you cannot begin to conprehend the scale of Anonymous, one may fall but another 10 will take his place.

    Also, could you imagin what would actually happen if you ever managed to drop a chan board? Hahahah, you think this was “big” there was only a hand full of Anons invloved, FEAR THE DAY YOU ANGER /b/, /b/ as a whole would crush every hip-hop site/server in a matter of hours I shit you not!



  32. As a casual observer with no emotional attachment to either group, I think 4chan lost big time. Non hip hop sites are picking up this story and it makes them look like a bunch of hateful, ignorant assholes without any sort of social life what so ever. They don’t control the internet, because if they were that powerful and brilliant, they would hack into the great (electronic) wall of China and enable regular Chinese people to have unfettered access to information. But they are not that cool or that brave. They are the bottom suckers of the net and will happily tell you they are such. Behind their proxies they’re nothing but a bunch of sociopathic pansies who don’t contribute anything positive to society. Anyone who fears these people and take their nonsense seriously need to seek help

  33. Truth is JBO and SOHH
    as a whole is 70-75%
    white and also have hackers
    that are members of the anon

    alot of people from JBO
    know who some of the hackers
    are that done this and are really
    alot of school kids are gonna
    start getting bad things done
    to them for hacking these site
    that we are speaking of.
    this one emo kid who’s myspace
    was exposed is in very serious
    danger and doesnt even know it.
    this is the thing.
    alot of hackers are safe behind
    computers but alot of these
    WHITE hip hop fans will come
    to where you stay and put work
    in to prove themselves.

    this is about to get back….offline!

  34. being from the south i understand why they did that to sohh member forum. they are full of themselves. and really some jerks. the north hates the south. for what reason i dont know.

  35. Someone posts “I don’t think these guys like you very much…” and the whole thread starts laughing at the forum and deciding “Whatever, this seems like fun.”

    Spending time doing something you like is not wasting time…

  36. ethugs shut up. sohh is ignorant to the extreme.
    anonymous does whatever anonymous wants.
    and saying these kids have nothing going on in the outside world for them is ridiculous. the people who frequent this website as far as i know are either young high school kids who have friends and visit occasionally. but the people who live on the website have their whole impressive computing skills to fall back on in life. thus leaving these fellows not losers.

    enjoy your website and culture’s ban from the internet.. you deserve it and you asked for it.. the ban will be lifted never and you may not appeal your ban.

  37. SMH @ JBO getting the whole site shut down. I didn’t even post in JBO and I gotta deal with this shyt?


    Anyways, once again we see that ignorance begets more ignorance. Leave it to the uninformed to let posters in an unmediated sub-forum make them feel inadequate. So much so that they feel the need to strike back instead of ignoring these empty threats.

  38. well, me personally, i think everybody needs to chill cause this shit could get real serious. i seriously believe that somebody could get hurt or killed over this shit.

  39. Hey you never know maybe Anonymous is working for the FBI. What a nice way to kill hip hop huh. I can see the press conference now.

    “It has come to our attention that several well known hip hop sites have been shut down by a group of hackers (our team). We are currently taking the steps we need to (none) in order to prevent further damage and to find the source of instigation (us). We would like to remind everyone that what has been done is no different than physically taking property from another illegally (what we do all the time). These are criminal acts and will be prosecuted as so (but these hackers are too good we the FBI are unable to catch them).”

    And that is why
    Independent blogs > Hip Hop Sites

    So Anonymous you have multiple firearms at home huh? Now I bet Ja Rules album drops before you live in the hood so you must be ready for some Colombine/VT shit. Well do me a favor and change the location from your local high school or campus to your closest ghetto. Give people a chance to shoot back thats all Im asking.

  40. Although is a secondary hip hop site for me, it’s annoying as hell to see that some idiots wanted to destroy it, for the simple sake of proving that “We spend more time with our PCs than you!”

    So yeah, fuck those anonymous people. I dont’ say fuck 4chan in general, cuz I know nothing about them. But from what I know of anonymous, these guys (maybe 1 ugly girl too?) are assholes.

    And @ guy: The FBI could probably catch these dudes, but they probably won’t care. That’s the only reason these pple can talk tough, like they’re gonna get away with things, cuz the feds won’t be too concerned with internet beefs.

  41. Wow…whats funny is, you gotta a bunch of hypocrits from ‘4chan’ being like “people were actign tough on the internet, we run the internet” ok…but thats ALL YOU GOT….you got NOTHING going for you on the outside world. “I did it cause it makes me smile” You know what I do to make me smile when I’m bored? GET PUSSY!!! not just the animated or photo’s of it, and beat off to it, I go out there, and I talk to girls like a regular human being and get pussy… Now don’t mask that ya all are racists, cause you can’t keep the word out ya mouth, you type it so much on the ‘intranet’ that I pray for the day you slip outside ya momma’s house. Cause judging by the way you pimple infested cunts act, I’m sure a person of any race will easily smack you and break your jaw

  42. I really dont care who started what. the main thing is that the people who own and operate sohh realy didnt have anything to do with it. i can understand taking out those e thugs who talk shit, but why take down sohh. if someone who has gmail sent you a threat or called you a pussy, would you try to hack google. the answer is you wouldnt because google had nothing to do with it. to me this was pointless. and thier are ways to find people that are hiding behind proxy’s. you dont think the FBI will eat up that proxy in a second. the goverment employs the real hackers. take a hint and lay low. i guess this was a prank that could have some serious consequences.

  43. Wow, the thing that gets me the most is the time that went into all of this. I can’t view anyone as a winner in this situation because the fact remains that some people try to act tough on a forum by talking shit about a group. Said group actually cares what someone they don’t know said about them on the internet to people they will never meet and in no way shall said opinion affect their real lives in anyway. They then spend time oh far far too much time (even five minutes would have been too much) hacking the site and all the refuge sites the people from the forums try and go to. At the end they try and claim victory.
    It’s like winning at a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament or in Garden bowls or darts. It’s just something that nobody else except the people involved in the competition care about.

    If this is a victory for anonymous it’s a lost for society in general I’m 23 and I fear that these are the people who shall be running the country in my old age. I’ve also noticed more and more kids smell musky these days. You know that smell you get on your clothes when they have been in a wardrobe for too long… sad really. There are so many important things happening in the world or amazing things you can only do when you are young I can actually do nothing except pity the waste of life/time/efforts…


  45. And reading through the comments, it would appear that some still haven’t learned their lesson.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

  46. This is getting blown out of all proportion. It was just a raid on some thugs who made threats and gave abuse. Big deal. SOHH e-thug gangsta types, who think they’re toughguys IRL, got pwnd by a few hundred basement dwellers!
    I think its hilarious. SOHH started it, then played the race card as they BAWWWWWWED.

  47. Anonymous are simply opportunists.

    You do not taunt the bull with a red flag in the real world. The same applies here.

    This was not a racial attack. As has been mentioned, if it were a white supremacist (google: Hal Turner Anonymous) the attacks would have been thematically suited to that.

    Anonymous raids of any variety (be it Hal Turner, Scientology, SOHH, etc.) are done to provoke a reaction from people who feel they are above and beyond the rest of us without any justification other than their own arrogance. Tall poppies.

    Their reactions are priceless, because how dare someone call them out. How dare someone attack the intricately crafted persona they have formed for themselves in their own little world.

    Of course, they always play the victim instead of the instigator. In this case: they play the race card. Now they are humbled.

  48. I could give a fuck what you say you are… all I know is that you and the rest of you anonymous lamebrains are childish punks that don’t know the difference between the internet and rl. And the fact that you care what someone you don’t know says about you says alot about yourself… for the lolz or not its still pathetic. If they track you down you WILL be arrested for property defacement (as someone owned and made money off of sohh) but I’m sure you already knew that…

  49. Well… this is interesting. I wonder if anyone else posted new about this?

    Just a note: being a little nerd myself, I didn’t think all the racist words were not really meant to be as such. It seemed to scream irony rather than racism to me or maybe a really rated R comedy routine. I am sure many did take it that way, but I think that the words used were just a ploy. The real drama is the hacking and the threats.

    I wonder what will be the site owners response? What will be the response from the community in general? What will be the hackers response to the response?

  50. To the idiots out there who think anonymous is defenseless in real life, I own numerous firearms, am a skilled marksman, and am not very fond of people trying to kill me.

  51. I blame those fools in the Just Bugging Out Forum. They just kept poking at said individuals.

  52. damn sohh got ethered. And about time someone put ethugs in check. These kid hackers better hide well though cuz they earned themselves a first class stomp out but guess what they stay home on the computer and they running the internet so all ethugs better remember you’re like the rappers being controlled by (white) ceos.

  53. this is so pathetic and petty… joke or not, the website is probably a source of income for somebody that you’ve just fucked over big time… who gives a fuck if some people “call you out”? If anyone looks like a bitch its y’all now… being called out ON THE FUCKING INTERNET?! Do you need a teddy bear to sleep at night too? smh… it aint the racism that bothers me (as I realize it was by and large flamebait) but the fact that these kids actually care what other people tell them on the internet… lameness on a whole new level

  54. Racist things were left not because 4chan is a bunch of racists, but because it is the direct opposite of the site. You people making such assumptions are nearly as bad as them at propigating racism.

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  56. one thing though… sohh is full of posters that talk shit and are full of themselves. this shit was gonna happen at sometime. about time motherfuckers got put in check. motherfuckers tried to shit me and are now LOSING.

  57. ..And nothing of value was lost.

    Your site will be left alone if there is no mention of 4chan, sohh only got hacked because of their death threats to members of anonymous

    1) Anonymous was called out
    2) Anonymous was ready to abandon the raid after crapflooding the forums
    3) Taunting continued
    4) Users of SOHH claimed they would ‘grab dey glok n cap a crakka’
    5) Anonymous took down the sites

    They asked for it, they got it. Just keep playing the race card…

  59. This did not happen because we were “called out”. That only brought attention your way. What caused it was when people in JBO started roleplaying thuggery and acting paranoid towards eachother which provided us with entertainment. Then we followed the whiners to other sites where they continued to post hillarious things which prompted us to solicit more of the same /wave ahh
    Ahh actually led us to intercepting some emails from Felicia’s husband.
    have you seen them yet dear?
    “condoms a must”

    In a few years you will look back upon this and thank us.

    Btw if you think this was actually racist, you are missing the point. Racism merely evokes emotional responses that are interesting. If it had been a site by and for white people, we would simply have used different slurs with the exact same vitrol.


    .oooo. .oooo. .
    d8P’`Y8b d8P’`Y8b .o8
    oooo d8b 888 888 888 888 .o888oo
    `888″”8P 888 888 888 888 888
    888 888 888 888 888 888
    888 `88b d88′ `88b d88′ 888 .
    d888b `Y8bd8P’ `Y8bd8P’ “888”

  61. ~ $ ./flame

    Your servers, your email spools, your ISP, your computers, your lives and your dreams belong to Anonymous. We hold no pitty, we hold no regret, we do what we do because we can and it’s funny. You think this was a racist attack? An attack on your “culture”? We don’t give 2 flying shits about your culture or your music, infact some of us enjoy hip-hop, I’m actaully quite in to it as aswell as R&B.

    Do you rally think we were going to let it slide? YOU called US out, and now we’ve destroyed everything YOU CAN’T TAKE IT!

    If somone one called you a nigger in the street and called you out? Would you step down like a pussy? Or would you smash the living shit out of him? Exactly, keep going with all this “oh noes we’re being attacked, halp us we’re sooo innocent” bullshit you faggots spew every second, you act like tough guys but deep down inside your a fag like the rest of us. Face it, the world doesn’t want you and neither does the internet, we are the internet, we control the internet, we decide whats good and bad.


    Want to know the worst thing? Your servers got owned by “kids” LOL!

    How about we have an all out war? I’ve allready had soo much fun I’m sure there’s plenty more lulz for the milking, how about it? Hip-hop vs the internet?

    St3p 1n t0 my w0rld f4gg0ts! ~ $

  62. I’m the man that made the thread calling 4chan out and obviously I didn’t think they was gonna bring down the whole site….but that’s my fault for not knowing what I was dealing with…I was just doing what cats do in JBO..and that was “just bugging out”

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  64. Many ‘black’ sits are not populated by black skinned people at all. The sad thing is that they only protray that they are black effectively misrepresenting the black culture as a whole.

  65. These attacks were motivated far more by SOHH “calling out” 4chan and the “fukk 4chan” threads subsequently made. As ebaums were aware, a large portion of SOHH are not black, the word “nigger” on their part referring more to an attitude than a race. That aside, the word “Nigger” and its derivatives were used far more by the SOHH posters during this time than by ebaums.

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  67. You fail to realize the power of teh boss of teh internets. Kneel, you nigra bitches… You have been properly pwnt by ur superiors so shut ur fucking mouths and get over the internets tuff guy shit. We R Teh Tuff Guise!

  68. How can you criminally investigate ppl going by the “Anonymous” who are behind 7 proxies? Stupid nigra don’t know how to internets. Read a book.

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