[Video] Fox News Sending Subliminal Messages

Can you really say that you are surprised?
From a new blog that I discovered in our comments Blue Linchpin.
Check out their good explanation under the video:

Great info below the cut:

via Blue Linchpin

As if Faux News wasn’t already winning the battle against intelligence and filling it’s viewers minds with hate, lies and bias, now Faux News is stepping it up a notch by trying to subliminally endorse John McCain. I wonder how much he paid them for this new campaign tactic, or did they decide to do it for free?

Now, the idea of a news station attempting to subliminally message its viewers is a scary, uncomfortable and hard to believe idea. Just as scary, uncomfortable and hard to believe as our government lying to us about the war in Iraq. If it were any other news station, I’d have some serious doubts that they were actually trying to brainwash anyone. But honestly, it’s Faux News. They’ve already made smug racist comments about Obama, insulted his wife continuously, and thrown every other kind of bullshit at you that they can. Is anyone surprised that they would do this?

What I’m surprised about is that this video was posted in May and it has received little to no attention from the liberal/anti-McCain blogosphere, as far as I can see. Make sure everyone sees this! I’ll be sending Fox News some letters that will be ignored, as well as sending some other letters. I suggest you do the same. Here are some people you can contact about this outright violation of human rights–if brainwashing by a major news network is allowed to go unchecked, then I fear this year is the year our freedom ends.

Contact the FCC, your senators and representatives, and all of your friends–do not let this fade into obscurity. I refuse to. This was an outright attack on our freedom of thought, and it is a big deal. At the very least, it needs to be investigated.

I hereby declare war on Fox News. I’ve had enough. I don’t care who you support, this is just plain wrong.

P.S., here are the email addresses of the FCC guys in charge: KJMWEB@fcc.gov, Michael.Copps@fcc.gov, Jonathan.Adelstein@fcc.gov, dtaylortateweb@fcc.gov, robert.mcdowell@fcc.gov

5 thoughts on “[Video] Fox News Sending Subliminal Messages

  1. They got subliminal messages, they’re trying to put chips in our asses, they got famous (singers, rappers) putting messages in their music when you play it backwards…it sounds like close to the end of the world to me but only god knows when it is. The most i can do is have GOd by my side. And another thing i know i sound crazy about my beliefs, could that be a reason that other countries hate America cuz we’re dumb. America entertain us with movies and television to get us distracted from what their doing and make us focus on our lifes. They want me to think of me instead of us. From the ghettoz of Southwest Detroit. Gracias

  2. I just feel their doing this for a reason, and what ever it is its going to mess up our lifes. They’ve been doing this for years and how funny that its now just hitting a few of us. Strange that they don’t care what they put out there, they just now we can’t do nothing about it…we can try, but to me its just too late.

  3. At the gym today trying to keep the gut off and watching TV while on the stair stepper I was shocked to see a subliminal frame or a very quick flash of “McCain” in red on a FOX intro. I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I was worked up the rest of the session.

    It was about 6:13 pm Central time, 10-22 I wish I would have been recording it, but hell I never watch their “news” anyway. Just pissed me off so much that I decided to get on the net and ….. hell its just another day in paradise, I feel so used.

  4. Haha. Thanks!

    I can’t believe this was originally posted on Youtube quite a while back, and hasn’t gotten much coverage at all. Do people just not care anymore whether their minds are being played with?

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