Can Will Smith Survive Bad Reviews of Hancock ?

Source: Huffington Post

The reviews are out about the upcoming anti-hero movie Hancock starring mega-star Will Smith. Basically critics across the board are panning the movie but still believe the movie will open big thus keeping Smith’s winning box office streak intact. Arianna’s crew has got some of the reviews below:

The NY Post “Hancock” review is brutal, titled “Stuporman!” and talks about how rough the film is for a family film:

[Smith’s Hancock] doesn’t give a rat’s rear about political correctness. He also throws around the F-word, calls women the B-word and uses a slur similar to the one that got Isaiah Washington kicked off “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The Hollywood Reporter saves its breath in its “Hancock” review, saying “Great concept, shaky execution.” It adds, on a slight up-note:

The visual effects are stellar, but the true star is Smith, who again demonstrates acting chops as well as effortless charisma in a vehicle that’s only occasionally worthy of his superhuman skills.

Fox News “Hancock” review is rather unimpressed, and borderline mean:

“Hancock,” with which Sony is hoping to have a merry July 4, 2008, may not duplicate Smith’s previous successes. It is one of the worst family holiday weekend releases of recent memory — and jaw-droppingly so. And that’s hard to do, since it clocks in at a mere wisp of one hour and 20 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “Can Will Smith Survive Bad Reviews of Hancock ?

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  2. Hancock. “Hated it!” I nearly walked out three times. Only an hour and twenty? Felt more like three hard swings of the clock. Has Will Smith gotten to the point where he believes that his name alone is a draw? Well, you may draw me one more time, but you do this again, Mr. Smith, and you’re going to have at least one extra seat for someone to fall asleep in–which I almost did after not walking out. And Charlize Theron, what on Earth were YOU thinking? This movie needed a real superhero to save it from the depths of stupidity.

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  4. Have yet to see an add geared towards children, so some of these reviews don’t add up.Seems like everybody expects Will to do voice acting work for Disney, or put on a fat suit like Eddy Murphy.

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