California judge rules early cell phone termination fees illegal

Hooray. The cell phone companies will fight this tooth and nail but hopefully they will lose big time in the appeal process. Somebody get this judge a round on me.

Adios to termination fees!!

Adios to termination fees!!

via Yahoo

In one of the most significant legal rulings in the tech industry this year, a Superior Court judge in California has ruled that the practice of charging consumers a fee for ending their cell phone contract early is illegal and violates state law.

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Candidate’s to get Super Hero Treatment in Upcoming Comics

via AOL
via AOL
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July 30) – Trading sound bites for word balloons, the presidential race is coming to the world of comic books this fall.
A month before voters cast ballots, comic book biographies of John McCain and Barack Obama will hit book stores and be available for reading on cell phones.
But don’t expect Captain America-versus-Superman hijinks or super-villains threatening the electoral process. The books purport to tell McCain and Obama’s true life stories, independently researched and illustrated by a team of veteran writers and artists. Continue reading

[video] Uproar After Contents of Obama’s Western Wall Note Published

via NY Post

JERUSALEM — A written prayer that Barack Obama left this week in the cracks of the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, asks God to guide him and guard his family, an Israeli newspaper reported Friday.

“Lord – Protect my family and me,” reads the note published in the Maariv daily. “Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.” Continue reading

Aborigines of Australia Win Rights to Land Back


DARWIN, Australia – Aborigines won traditional ownership rights over a large stretch of coastline in northern Australia on Wednesday, in a landmark ruling lawyers said could set a precedent in other parts of the country.

The ruling by Australia’s highest judicial body means the traditional owners will be able to exclude people from using the foreshore — the intertidal area that lies between the high-tide line and the low-tide line — in the area unless they have permission.

The High Court ruling most directly affects fishermen on beaches and tidal rivers in a 35,000-square-mile area in the Northern Territory that was subject to the claim. Continue reading

School To Put Students In ‘Prison’ Jumpsuits As Punishment

Detention has certainly changed in 2008

Detention has certainly changed in 2008

This just another way to criminalize young people instead of addressing their problems and pressures in todays crazy world. Every parent should protest this statue until it is banned permanently. Unbelievable.

via Local 6

Gonzales High School has new navy blue jumpsuits that students will wear if they break the dress code.

Violators will be forced to wear the jumpsuit for the day, the report said.

Some parents said the jumpsuits will make students feel like prisoners but the district said it’s just a way to keep the children dressed appropriately for school.A school board official said it’s “worth a try” because it’s a way to keep the district’s conservative values intact.

Some students said the plan may backfire on the school.”I talked to some of my friends about it and they said they are not going to obey the dress code just so they can wear the jumpsuit,” high school student Jordan Meredith.Before the jumpsuits students who didn’t follow the code had to sit in the office and wait for their parents to bring them clothes or face in-school suspension.


Houston doctors may have Aids Cure…

Conspiracy theories and claims of a cure for HIV/AIDS have been floating around for years. Though there have been claims of cures from around the world, nothing concrete has been covered by the mainstream press.

These doctors from Houston may have finally stumbled onto something that herbalists have been saying for decades.Sad part is that these guys are in need of funding and that seems to be a sticking point. More below:

The HIV Virus invades a white blood cell...

The HIV Virus invades a white blood cell...

via FOX 11 AZ

HOUSTON — There is real hope that what’s happening in a Houston lab might lead to a cure for HIV.

“We have found an innovative way to kill the virus by finding this small region of HIV that is unchangeable,” Dr. Sudhir Paul of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston said.

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Wyclef owes Jacob for Bling…

I guess that he is trying to collect on all debts before he surrenders to do that federal time in the pen. Might have to ask Mrs. Jean where the bling is at? And paying for bling is so yesterday.

Come on 'Clef time to pay up for that shiny watch there!!

Come on 'Clef time to pay up for that shiny watch there!!

via AP

NEW YORK (AP) — The company founded by the New York businessman known in the hip-hop world as “Jacob the Jeweler” has sued Wyclef Jean, claiming he owes money for watches and jewelry he bought.

Convicted jeweler Jacob Arabove is on the hunt for $ 300,000 from Wyclef Jean

Convicted jeweler Jacob Arabove is on the hunt for $ 300,000 from Wyclef Jean

Jacob and Company Incorporated says in Manhattan court papers filed Tuesday that the hip-hop star bought several items between March 2002 and January 2006 for $765,100. The company says Jean still owes $319,680, despite “repeated demands for payment.”

Several representatives for Jean didn’t immediately respond to e-mails requesting comment.

The company’s founder, Jacob Arabov, was sentenced in June to 2 1/2 years in federal prison for lying to investigators of a multistate drug ring.

Arabov was known as the “king of bling” to customers who included Madonna, Elton John and Kanye West.

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Sexual assaults of Oprah students set to begin trial…

If this chick is guilty of these charges she really needs to hang. She took advantage of minors and probably gave them mental scars that will effect them for life. That school will never shake the memory of her abusive acts. Guilty till proven Innocent…

In this April 21, 2008 file photo, Tiny Virginia Makopo, 27, who faces 13 charges of indecent assault, assault and criminal injury committed against at least six students aged 13-15 and a 23-year-old at Oprah Winfrey\'s South African school for disadvantaged girls, appears in front of the judge in Sebokeng\'s court, South Africa. The former dormitory matron is going on trial Tuesday, July 29, 2008. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay, file)

In this April 21, 2008 file photo, Tiny Virginia Makopo, 27, who faces 13 charges of indecent assault, assault and criminal injury committed against at least six students aged 13-15 and a 23-year-old at Oprah Winfrey's South African school for disadvantaged girls, appears in front of the judge in Sebokeng's court, South Africa. The former dormitory matron is going on trial Tuesday, July 29, 2008. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay, file)

SEBOKENG, South Africa (AP) – A former dormitory matron at Oprah Winfrey’s school for poor South African girls pleaded innocent Tuesday to charges that she indecently assaulted and otherwise abused six teenagers and a fellow matron at the academy.
Tiny Virginia Makopo, 28, looked nervous and sullen at the start of her trial, and she and her lawyer gave no indication what her defense would be.
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[pic] Paparazzi release ‘deathbed’ photo of Madonna

This is what A-Rod risked his marriage, family and a couple hundred million for. She looks deathly sick and in need of some of that ‘super cow’ I posted two days ago.

Madonna recently photographed in NYC looking very thin and frail.

Madonna recently photographed in NYC looking very thin and frail.

via People
Everybody has a bad angle, even Madonna.

The singer, 49, was photographed Friday leaving the Kaballah Center in New York looking gaunt and tired. But pictures can lie, says her publicist.

“I just think the photographer got a bad shot of her or it was touched up to make her look bad,” says her rep Liz Rosenberg. “I saw Madonna two days before at her rehearsal and she looked amazing – glowing skin and working really hard on her show.”

“She may look a little thinner than usual,” continues Rosenberg, “but she was dancing and singing better than ever and ate a nice healthy meal.”

Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Hoefflin says weight loss can make for sharp cheekbones.

“From a physician who has never evaluated or treated Madonna, it’s my impression that if she has lost significant weight, that you’re seeing a good amount of facial fat loss in her face,” he tells PEOPLE.

“The cheekbones can often stand out, appearing as [though] someone has undergone some form of mid-face enhancement,” he adds.


Rockin’ senior citizens ‘The Rolling Stones’ sign new long term deal…

These guys pull in a hell of a lot money touring but it is their back catalog that makes this deal lucrative for Universal. They are going to concentrate on bringing them into the digital age. Expect every product on earth to be sold with their music.
Details below:

Universal said on Friday that the new deal covered both future albums by the Stones and their back catalog including such albums as “Sticky Fingers” and “Black and Blue” and songs “Brown Sugar” and “Start Me Up.”

Universal will now release all new recordings by the group through its Polydor label and take over full digital and physical rights. It added that it will “begin planning an unprecedented, long-term campaign to reposition the Rolling Stones’ entire catalog for the digital age.”

The Stones topped Forbes magazine’s list of wealthy music acts last year, reportedly earning some $88 million between June 2006 and June 2007, mostly from their “Bigger Bang Tour.”

Details of the deal were not disclosed.


Rick Ross Still In Denial

The Boss remains stubbornly defiant STILL in the face of mountains of evidence mounting against him, discrediting his claims of living the “life” in the streets of M.I.Yayo at least during the mid 90’s when records show he was a Miami Dade C.O. These denials are gonna be the straw that broke the camels back.

via Allhiphop

Hip-Hop star Rick Ross has hit back at recent reports surrounding his previous employment with the Florida Department of Corrections.

During an interview on Friday (July 25), Ross addressed the latest developments as “rumors” and maintained that he is a victim of a massive smear campaign.

Speaking to Phoenix, Arizona Hip-Hop station Power 98.3 (KKFR-FM), he responded to the question of his past employment by simply saying “Don’t believe the hype.” Continue reading

WTF?!!! Pregnant Prostitutes To Face Charges

Yes people some men have a strong fetish for pregnant women.

via MyFox Kansas City
Two women were charged with prostitution in Camden County on Thursday after they were arrested in a sting operation at a Lake Ozark hotel last week.

Two other women were also arrested, and three of the women are pregnant. Alexandra Wells and Allysia Waldrop were both charged on Thursday. Waldrop is pregnant, but is not known if Wells is also.
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Police Cars to run on McDonalds left over cooking oil..

McDonalds to power Manila\'s police cars

McDonalds to power Manila's police cars

I actually saw this being done by a former weatherman in NYC, but he stated the only drawback is that you smell like ‘a ton of french fries’ rolling down the block.

via Breibart

Police in Manila are looking to convert their patrol cars to run on a mixture of diesel and used cooking oil from McDonald’s, officials and the company said Tuesday.
With oil prices at crippling highs, the project would convert cars in the Makati financial district to run on a mix of 40 percent diesel and 60 percent cooking oil, its police chief Senior Superintendent Gilbert Cruz said.

Used cooking oil will be donated by Makati outlets of the hamburger giant, said McDonalds franchising manager Buth Salaya.

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[video] Snoop Dogg- THOSE GURLZ

By the look of things the Big Homie SNOOP is suffering from the same disease that has inflicted Yung Berg…no dark butts in this video. (diagnosed as ‘nochocolatitis’)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “ Snoop Dogg- THOSE GURLZ“, posted with vodpod

In related Snoop news the Doggfather can be found adorning a turban and getting his Punjabi on for a Bollywood production,  well the theme for Singh is Kinng to be exact. CLICK [HERE]

Meet Dr. Kush: The Medical Marijuana Industry

I came across this wonderful article about the flourishing medicinal marijuana industry that has taken root in California.  What struck me was that as they allow affluent West Coasters the freedom to explore an alternative lifestyle within the legal confines of the law I couldn’t help but remember that in New York alone arrests for marijuana possession  shot up by unprecedented numbers since Bloomberg and Guiliani initiated their calculated tag-team on the inner city population on the Big Apple.  And who was the prime target?  You guessed it, the often targeted “black” and “brown” people of this lovely city.  If that ain’t the tale of two Americas then what is?   Peep the reporter’s account:

I recently spent six months, off and on, with Blue—at his apartment, in private homes, on farms, in pot grow rooms, and in other places where “medical marijuana” is produced, traded, sold, and consumed in California. During that time, I saw thousands of Tibetan prayer flags. The flags identify their owners with serenity and the conscious path, rather than with the sinister world of urban dope dealers, who flaunt muscles and guns, and charge exorbitant prices for mediocre product. For Blue and tens of thousands of like-minded individuals, Proposition 215 presented an opportunity to participate in a legally sanctioned experiment in altered living. The people I met in the high-end ganja business had an affinity for higher modes of thinking and being, including vegetarianism and eating organic food, practicing yoga, avoiding prescription drugs in favor of holistic healing methods, travelling to Indonesia and Thailand, fasting, and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs. Many were also financially savvy, working long hours and making six-figure incomes.


Investigative Journalist Uncovers Dirty Tricks Republicans are Using to Disenfranchise Obama Votes

via Greg Palast

In swing-state Colorado, the Republican Secretary of State conducted the biggest purge of voters in history, dumping a fifth of all registrations. Guess their color.

In swing-state Florida, the state is refusing to accept about 85,000 new registrations from voter drives – overwhelming Black voters.

In swing state New Mexico, HALF of the Democrats of Mora, a dirt poor and overwhelmingly Hispanic county, found their registrations disappeared this year, courtesy of a Republican voting contractor.

In swing states Ohio and Nevada, new federal law is knocking out tens of thousands of voters who lost their homes to foreclosure. Continue reading

Did Nas ‘Borrow’ the Idea for “Project Roach?

While I was posted in the crib, listening to the new Nas CD I came across a song called “Project Roach” and couldn’t help but notice the similarities to a story written by the prolific Black Dot. The classic story was called “We Be Like Roaches” and can be found in his book called “Hip Hop Decoded.” Now I know about the 100-Monkey Syndrome that suggests if a hundred Negroes are hip to something then exponentially it becomes a “common” knowledge to a mass populace of people but what are the chances that the song can almost be identical to the story? Now, I’m not objecting to the use of Nas’ version inspired by Black Dot’s but as a journalist I’m just saying give credit where credit is due. Listen to the song [here] and then read the article and tell me if I’m reaching…

Be Like Roaches

As I began to pour boric acid in every crack and crevice in my apartment to try and rid myself of the constant roach problem, I noticed that I had to keep changing the “brand” of boric acid every three months because after a while, the roaches seemed to become immune to its potency. Not only do they return, but they seem to return in greater numbers than before. This led me to ask myself, will we ever be able to totally exterminate roaches, or is their will to live and survive greater than any boric acid, roach spray, combats, or roach motel that we can create? After studying the origin and history of roaches a little further, the answer to this question became painfully obvious. No. As I stepped on a few who tried to flee the scene, a conscious voice in my head said “How would you liked to be stepped on or sprayed?”, or “How would you like it if someone viewed you as a pest, and tried to exterminate every man, woman, and child of your race?” Then it hit me. We be like roaches! Continue reading

Rick Ross had Perfect Attendance as Corrections officer…

TSG is definitely putting the final touches on the career of Rick Ross.

This new update exposes Ross as being a outstanding officer with perfect attendance(Who the hell has perfect attendance at any job?).
Well more of the dirt is hitting the coffin and it seems the homie Plies might be next. More below:

Rick Ross’s Jail Time

Rapper’s screw history detailed in Department of Corrections file

JULY 28–We don’t mean to pile on the beleaguered gangster rapper (and former prison guard) Rick Ross, but a Freedom of Information request has turned up additional documents chronicling the performer’s penal career. As we previously reported, despite vehement denials from Ross (real name: William Leonard Roberts), Florida Department of Corrections (DoC) records show that the 32-year-old hip-hop star worked as a correctional officer for 18 months, until he resigned his $25,794.34 post in June 1997. In response to a TSG request, DoC officials released Ross’s 86-page personnel file, excerpts of which you’ll find on the following pages.
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Man Dressed As Joker Busted for Stealing Movie Merch….

This Heath Ledger obsession  may just be getting a little outta hand people. If you go after the cut I have also put his mug shot with no paint. Unbelievable.

This guy definetly is taking things a bit too serious !!!

This guy is definitely taking things a bit too serious !!!

via TSG

Costumed Batman fan accused of memorabilia theft at Michigan theater


JULY 28–Meet Spencer Taylor. The Michigan man, 20, was arrested early yesterday morning for allegedly trying to steal Batman posters and other collectibles from a theater showing “The Dark Knight.” As can be seen in the below mug shot, Taylor went to the Three Rivers Cinema multiplex in costume as the Joker. According to cops, he was charged with larceny and malicious destruction of property, and had to pose for booking photos in and out of character.

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Chris Brown Crafts Doublemint Gum Jingle

Understand people that this is the new model to make money off of music. The traditonal way of profitting off of music is basically a wrap. I blogged about these type of deals awhile back when Madonna was getting ready to drop her album and she had deals such as this in place.

via Huff Post/WSJ
Sharp-eared pop-music fans may have noticed a brief reference to an old chewing-gum jingle buried in “Forever,” Chris Brown’s top-10 hit. “Double your pleasure/double your fun,” the R&B singer croons in the chorus.

What listeners don’t know — and what Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. planned to reveal Tuesday — is that the song is a commercial.

“Forever” is an extended version of a new Doublemint jingle written by Mr. Brown and scheduled to begin airing next month in 30-second spots for Wrigley’s…


NFL’s Sunday Night Football Moves To The Web Thanks To NBC Agreement

Finally. We bloggers that also love sports can have the best of both worlds.

via Reuters

The National Football League has been more than a little slow in moving into the internet world. But according to the LA Times, that move is finally about to happen. Starting September 4, when the Washington Redskins play the New York Giants, the NBC network will broadcast their television feed on their website and that of the NFL. That game happens to fall on a Thursday, but after that all of NBC’s Sunday Night Football games will be streamed over the web, complemented by blogs, highlight clips and other interactive features.

The NFL receives about $3.7 billion per year in fees from networks for exclusive rights to broadcasts and this has been the main reason the football league hasn’t gone digital in the past. With that kind of money exchanging hands, the NFL has been fearful of ticking off their broadcast partners and losing valuable television time. The project will run as a “one year experiment” for the time being.

David Z. x Clarks Wallabees Preview

via Hypebeast

The collaborative machine David Z. is set to release an upcoming classic the Clarks Wallabee. For a staple like the Wallabee, we’ve seen very minimal instances of flash with most off-base styles coming via different material uses such as croc leather, ballistic nylon and pony hair. However David Z. through the direction of Ronnie Fieg takes things to the next level with a bright metallic upper in silver and gold with black trim around the toebox. Stay tuned for more information with an anticipated end of August release date.

[Olympics] China Forced To Test Athletes Gender

 This is a very shocking and interesting story. Who would think that countries are so eager to win that they would get into gender doping. Very scary indeed.

Olympic host Beijing has set up a sex determination lab to test female Olympic athletes suspected to be males, state media reported Sunday

Olympic host Beijing has set up a sex determination lab to test female Olympic athletes suspected to be males, state media reported Sunday

via Breitbart

Olympic host Beijing has set up a sex determination lab to test female Olympic athletes suspected to be males, state media reported Sunday.
Experts at the lab, located at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, will evaluate dubious cases based on their external appearance and take blood samples testing sex hormones, genes and chromosomes, Xinhua news agency said.

Sex testing has been routine at the Olympics and other sports events for decades, triggered by fears that male athletes sought to cheat by posing as women.

Indian athlete Santhi Soundarajan was stripped of an Asian Games silver medal in 2006 after failing a gender verification test.

Rumor: ‘Mac Book Touch’ in Works

Conference Call Comment Reignites Longtime Rumors

via ABC News

The comments came during a conference call this week involving Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer that discussed the company’s second quarter earnings. It was during that call that Oppenheimer reportedly mentioned the “future product transition, which I can’t discuss today.”

“We will deliver state-of-the-art new products that our competitors just aren’t going to be able to match,” he continued.

The rumor of “MacBook Touch” appeared on the blog MacDailyNews, attributed to an anonymous tipster.

“Think MacBook screen, possibly a bit smaller, in glass with iPhone-like, but fuller-featured Multi-Touch. Gesture library. Full Mac OS X,” the tipster wrote.



Scandal:Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick: When Push Comes To Shove…

It seems that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit just cannot stay out of some news making controversy these last few months.

After almost being forced out of office for an alleged affair with a subordinate and its cover-up, he has another swelling on his hands that should be sure to be the final blow his administration. The latest below:


Michigan State Police troopers are investigating a possible assault by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on a deputy accompanying an investigator for the Wayne County prosecutor Thursday at the home of the mayor's sister, Sheriff Warren Evans said.

Michigan State Police troopers are investigating a possible assault by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on a deputy accompanying an investigator for the Wayne County prosecutor Thursday at the home of the mayor's sister, Sheriff Warren Evans said.



DETROIT — Michigan State Police troopers are investigating a possible assault by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on a deputy accompanying an investigator for the Wayne County prosecutor Thursday at the home of the mayor’s sister, Sheriff Warren Evans said.

Evans said the 6-foot-4 mayor, a former star football player at Florida A&M University, allegedly pushed a sheriff’s deputy and knocked him into the female investigator, who was working for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. The officers were attempting to serve a subpoena on Bobby Ferguson, a city contractor and close friend of Kilpatrick.


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[video] Meet the Super Cow

I accidently found this video when I was with some family sitting around searching for videos on youtube about how cows are abused at slaughterhouses. This is truly amazing and scary and probably what has alot to do with girls having fully developed bodies at 12 years old.

Dark Knight on way to pulling $300 million in 10 Days…

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily


Dark Knight is on its way to making $ 300 million


This movie is simply doing amazing box office and possibly will challenge the Titanic for biggest box office of all time. That will not be easy and will depend on how many people will be repeat customers and Heath Ledger’s performance just might be what keeps people coming.More below:


SATURDAY AM: Warner Bros’ The Dark Knight continues to power drive the North American box office and grossed a whopping $23.1 million Friday from 4,366 theaters. That’s down only 66% from its record-smashing debut a week ago. With an expected $78 million weekend, down only 50% from the best-ever Fri-Sat-Sun, the Christian Bale-Heath Ledger actioner directed by Chris Nolan is also well on its way to making $300M in just 10 days, the fastest ever (beating Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chestwhich did it is 16 days).

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Vanity Fair Spoofs The New Yorker w/ McCain Elderly Pill Poppin’ Cover

We all know that the recent cover from The New Yorker caused a big controversy in the press when Barack and Michelle Obama were made into caricatures and presented as being undercover Muslims and Black Power fanatics.

Recently their friendly rivals at Vanity Affair magazine, did a spoof of the controversial cover with their own version which portrays John McCain as being elderly and Cindy McCain as being a pill popper which by her own accounts was a serious problem for her in the past.

I wonder if the McCain camp will press Obama to denounce the Vanity Affair cover as he did when asked about the New Yorker cover.


National Inquirer Accuses John Edwards of Having Out of Wedlock Child…

Source : Murdoch’s Kids, National Inquirer

Wow if this turns out to be true this has got to take Elliot Spitzer outta the headlines. Can you believe that a former presidential candidate and current vice president contender could possibly have an out of wedlock child?  Scandalous indeed.

Johhnny is praying that this scandal goes away quicker than his bid for president. Fat chance.

Johhnny is praying that this scandal goes away quicker than his bid for president. Fat chance.

A Beverly Hills hotel security guard told he intervened this week between a man he identified as former Sen. John Edwards and tabloid reporters who chased down the former presidential hopeful after what they’re calling a rendezvous with his mistress and love child.


The Beverly Hilton Hotel guard said he encountered a shaken and ashen-faced Edwards — whom he did not immediately recognize — in a hotel men’s room early Tuesday morning in a literal tug-of-war with reporters on the other side of the door.
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Probable Cause: Washington Supreme Court Rules Marijuana Smell in Vehicle Not Enough to Arrest All Occupants

Source : Stop the Drug War

This is definetly a win for marijuana smokers everywhere. But remember that this does not mean that exposed marijuana or any type of paraphernalia can be visible in your car or you will still be arrested on the spot. Find out the details below :



The Washington Supreme Court ruled July 17 that police cannot arrest passengers simply for being in a car that smells of marijuana. The unanimous decision overturned a 29-year-old precedent allowing police to search or arrest passengers if they smelled pot near a car.

“We hold that the smell of marijuana in the general area where an individual is located is insufficient, without more, to support probable cause for arrest. Where no other evidence exists linking the passenger to any criminal activity, an arrest of the passenger on the suspicion of possession of illegal substances, and any subsequent searches, is invalid and an unconstitutional invasion of that individual’s right to privacy,” the opinion concluded.
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