[video] Neyo- A MILLI Remix

Source: Necole Bitchie

OK, this has become a cottage industry unto itself. There are easily thirty something renditions of freestyle’s on this particular beat with Corey Gunz and Jay-Z separating themselves from the pack with distinguishable versions. Then there are the R&B dudes who have stepped out of their comfort zone and ventured into the realm of the “rapper.” In this corner you got Neyo taking subliminal shots at Chris Brown who kind of killed it himself and just yesterday T-Pain and Kells hopped on the beat to do what they do best but Neyo is the first dude to craft a vid out of the pack…before Lil Weezy!

One thought on “[video] Neyo- A MILLI Remix

  1. Ne-Yo’s A Milli Remix is whack!! Check out this guys R&B remix of it – Justin Garner

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