Greatest Black Superheroes of All Time( 5 of 15)

Source: Bam! Kapow!

I think this post is for everybody who loves comics and superheroes. Please check out the full list from the great guys over at Bam! Kapow!

There have been several iterations of Green Lantern, even running concurrently, but none quite as tough or hardcore as John Stewart. Originally selected as a back up by the Guardians to Hal Jordan, Stewart proved himself worthy of the title. Often filling in for Hal Jordan when he was off world, the Green Lantern Corps was eventually reorganized so that two Green Lanterns would cover each sector; as such, Hal Jordan and John Stewart are equally responsible for Earth’s sector, 2814. Stewart becomes a full fledged member of the Justice League. The interesting thing about Stewart as Green Lantern is that because of his background as an architect, his Lantern creations have a unique, solid quality. He is also recognized as the best flyer in the Corps and has so much willpower that it actually exceeds the limit of his ring (as he once tried to recreate a planet from scratch). Also, Stewart is one of the only Lanterns who refuses to wear a mask because he is not ashamed to let people know who he is.

One of the original badasses of the ’70’s and former partner to Iron Fist Danny Rand, Luke Cage embodied the 70’s concept of Black Power and was one of the first Black superheroes to kick ass and take responsibility for cleaning up the hood. Impenetrable skin, super strength, and the ability to fight heroes in an open chested yellow shirt, leather pants, and a tiara without looking funny, Cage fought all those who threatened the innocent. In recent relaunches, Cage ditched the duds for regular clothes because real men don’t have to wear tights.

Goddess. Weather Witch. Mutant. Ororo Munroe has been known by many names and identities. Born to an American Mother and African father who died in her youth, Ororo was left to her own devices and survived as a thief. When her mutant abilities manifested, she was feared as a witch by some and praised as a goddess to others. Eventually joining Charles Xavier’s X-Men, she became Storm, one of the X-Men’s most powerful members, and eventually was chosen as bride to another member of this list, T’Challa, AKA The Black Panther. The Watcher attended their wedding, stating that their union would be one that will change the course of the Marvel Universe’s history.

Arguably the best of the Black superheroes, the Black Panther is the king and protector of the African nation of Wakanda, a technological and economical jewel of a nation nestled in the heart of Africa. The Black Panther, empowered by the Panther God, is endowed with speed, strength, and skill above that of normal mortals. T’Challa, the current Black Panther, is not only a skilled warrior, but also a masterful tactician, fair and just ruler, inventor, and all around master of all he endeavors. He joined the Avengers not for any political gain, but instead to “keep an eye on” the super powered beings that were in the world. Recently T’Challa chose Storm for his bride, and it was revealed that the two had had a history that spanned their entire lives. Their marriage is destined to change the entire course of human history and propel the land of Wakanda to the fore of the world.

What can be said about Al Simmons, the soldier who was betrayed by his superior, Jason Wynn, murdered in cold blood, and sent to hell? Simmons was deeply in love with his wife, Wanda, who he would do literally ANYTHING to return to, including making a deal with the demon Malebolgia to accept demonic powers and become the general of his unholy army to get back to her. The trade off? 5 years had passed, and Al Simmons was no more. Simmons’ wife had remarried…to his best friend…and he was now only Spawn, left to cope with new powers and lament the loss of his life and his wife. The story of Spawn is telling of the ties of love, tragedy, loss, and eventual redemption.

3 thoughts on “Greatest Black Superheroes of All Time( 5 of 15)

  1. It’s a shame that right after John Stewart had gained mainstream popularity due to the Justice League cartoons, DC’s response was to bring back old-ass HAL JORDAN in the comics. That’s ridiculous. I like Kyle, and would have no problem with him remaining THE Green Lantern in the comics, but if they really wanted to replace it, it would have been the perfect time to elevate John.

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