Matt Drudge: Pill-poppin loudmouth Rush Limbaugh Signs $400 Million Dollar Contract

Yes we normal people have to endure more unfiltered hatred from pill poppin’ loud mouth Rush Limbaugh. Drudgereport is reporting the details:


Wed Jul 02 2008 09:02:18 ET

The American broadcast industry is rocked, realigned and blasted into a new orbit, yet again, by Rush Limbaugh, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

In what is being described as an unprecedented radio contract, Limbaugh will keep his syndicated show on-the-air and e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e through 2016 with CLEAR CHANNEL and PREMIERE RADIO.

Already host of the most lucrative hours since radio’s inception, Limbaugh’s total package is valued north of $400 million, according to media insiders.

The NEW YORK TIMES will claim this weekend that Limbaugh, marking 20 years this summer as a national host, has secured a 9-figure signing bonus for the new deal, newsroom sources tell DRUDGE.


In its controversial profile, the TIMES reports that Limbaugh is buying a new G550 jet and is making an estimated $38 million a year.

[The cover photo of the TIMES Sunday magazine depicts Limbaugh ‘dark and sinister’ in a theme of THE GODFATHER.]

While newspapers and traditional broadcast media are experiencing declining revenues, Limbaugh’s golden microphone has turned diamond-laced:

Earnings now pace him ahead of the annual salaries for network news anchors: Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer � combined!


The deal represents a stunning triumph over the establishment by an outsider who connected with and captured the spirit of the nation’s heartland.

5 thoughts on “Matt Drudge: Pill-poppin loudmouth Rush Limbaugh Signs $400 Million Dollar Contract

  1. Rush Rush Rush..As you sit in your beautiful home surrounded by all your creature comforts, as you drive your fancy car and dine in lovely restaurants there are thousands upon thousands of horribly affected men,women and children laying dead in the streets of Haiti. This is one of the worst natural disasters in the history of mankind and you use your platform being a radio host not to exhibit compassion or decency but to rather speak of conspiracy and come across as a racist,uneducated pig of a man. Get off your moral high horse and make a One million dollar donation to the Red Cross today..Right Now!!! You are truly the embodiment of a soulless disscusting,and mean spirited man.

  2. Year after year Rush just seems to become more of a parody of himself. Truly a pompous and incredibly arrogant man. His negativity and narrow mind will be his eventual downfall. Hey Rush you might be comfy and rich now but believe me when i say “what go’s around comes around. You suck !!!!!

  3. Well I said endure because alot of what Rush says is rebroadcast on news shows thus making his idiotic statements unavoidable. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but he never has anything constructive to say about anyone.

    But he is a hell of a businessman if even if I think he is a douche bag. Great comment from you though!!!

  4. the first line claims the writer and others have to “endure” him… how about just don’t listen? kind of like how no one listened to Air America.

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