[video] NOTORIOUS Video Diary #3: Production Design

Source: Notorious Blog

As I see more and more of the behind the scenes, I am starting to warm up to the debut of this movie. A lot of the flack hurled at this movie may be unfounded but is generally because the massive love and respect people have for Biggie aka Notorious B.I.G.

But it still all hinges on how realistic is Gravy’s performance, so I hope the big homie does’nt mess this up.

note: I am truly surprised at how all the websites and blogs have virtually ignored these insightful vids.

Notorious Blog

NOTORIOUS Video Diary #3: Production Design

Look after the cut for Notorious Diary Video # 1 & 2

NOTORIOUS Video Diary #1 – Cast & Crew

NOTORIOUS Video Diary #2 – Brooklyn

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