Jay-Z & 40/40 Facing Class Action Suit



via Nahright/Daily News

Rap mogul Jay-Z could soon be shelling out the Benjamins for forcing workers at his trendy 40/40 club to pick up the tab for deadbeat customers.

Manhattan Federal Judge Loretta Preska said current and past servers, bartenders and others who’ve toiled at the downtown sports bar and lounge could be eligible for a payout from a suit certified as class action Tuesday.

Some 20 workers accuse club managers of making them work for tips only, cheating them out of overtime and forcing them to pay for breaks and spills as well as “walkouts.”

Hundreds of former employees could be eligible to collect if the workers’ claims are successful at trial, their attorney says.

Preska said the workers’ lawyers have made a “minimal” showing that the owners have violated federal wage and labor laws.

“The record contains corroborating evidence of the allegations,” Preska wrote.

An earnings report for at least two workers showed they did not receive overtime for hours worked beyond the 40-hour workweek, Preska noted.

“It’s a good day for restaurant workers throughout the city,” said workers’ lawyer Maimon Kirschenbaum.

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