McFly Hyperdunk Release @ UNDFTD

via Highsnobiety

On July 2, UNDEFEATED SANTA MONICA hosted a special event for the release of the much hyped Air McFly edition of the Nike Hyperdunk. Kobe Bryant was on hand to great punters, and discuss the shoe. Also there, a DeLorean. Very important for time travel and for making the Back to the Future experience as authentic as possible.

One thought on “McFly Hyperdunk Release @ UNDFTD

  1. Hey there…

    It was me who drove Kobe in the DeLorean. I’m not a huge basketball fan at all and he was absolutely awesome. A true gentleman.

    Great sneaker, great event, great guy! I’m very excited to have been part of it.

    My only complaint is that they wouldn’t even let ME buy a pair of shoes. Talk about exclusive!!!

    If anyone ANYWHERE can get them… size 11 please!

    J Ryan

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