50 Got the Block on Lock…Literally

via Def Sounds

Whether or not you like Curtis Jackson, you can’t deny the fact that the man’s hustle is ridiculous. Between the advance money he used to start his own record label, the deal he drafted with Ecko for the G-Unit brand, the lucrative vitamin water investment and the movie roles he’s picking up—this is a man who is handling his celebrity, marketability and business life with balls so big they scrape the surface of the Earth (PAUSE).

Though 50 has caught heat from political leaders so frustrated with their inability to change things that they blame him for everything, he is a man that’s providing a positive image for the youth of America to follow. 50 Cent makes it okay for kids to stop cooking and selling meth, and step their business game up. But don’t fall for the hype, it’s not just the troubled youth and their drug-infested neighborhoods that have something to learn from 50, it’s every one interested in joining a new phenomenon known as the Creative Class. Look it up on Wikipedia.

So 50 has millions and millions and is probably worth more. Between his business ventures and income potential in the next few years, there’s no telling how hard he would have to try to spend all of his money in a lifetime. What Mr. Cent is doing, and unfortunately not being praised for, is his investment in real estate.

There’s no information out there on what kind of land 2 Quarters possesses, but any one with a lot of dollars—or enough dollars to qualify for a loan and enough income to keep it paid off for a few years—should know that now is the time to get into real estate, especially in California, because prices are low and bottoming out, which means they’ll start going up and multiplying the investment.

50 probably knows that, so do you. But what’s even doper about this dude is what he just did in Queens. He reportedly donated a large sum of money to the Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project, in order to restore Baisley Park, where it is said he and others may or may not have partaken in certain illegal activities that we wouldn’t want our kids getting into. This is on another level though. Baisley Park was in Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff’s hood. For those who don’t know, Supreme is allegedly responsible for the shooting that left 50 almost dead, and now, ridiculously rich.

As a result of the donation, the park will be renamed Curtis Jackson Park.

Wow. Success is the best revenge. And he wins while being nice.

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