UPDATE: 1938 Media Loses Deal with Verizon over “TechNigga”

via Washington Post

1938 Media’s distribution deal with Verizon, announced just a week ago, is history.

Yesterday a group of “civil rights activists” protested the deal and threatened to boycott Verizon. The reason? A 2007 video that Feldman created called ” TechNigga” that the groups say is racist.

The video was not included on Verizon, and television reports that Verizon financed the video are incorrect. But Feldman confirmed to me that all 1938 Media videos were removed by Verizon yesterday and that they terminated the relationship today.

There is almost certainly a back story to this that may unwind over the coming days. Feldman has been in the spotlight recently for a set of puppet videos that originally mocked new media consultant Shel Israel (and later others including me, Loic LeMeur and Dave Winer). A lot of people were angry with Feldman over the parodies (and I drew criticism for covering the story) – and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone helped organize the early stages of this protest.

So what’s your opinion? Is the video racist? Should Verizon have stood by Feldman? Tell us in the comments.

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