Lebanese Girl Pushes Crystals Out of Eyes

Source: Crystal Links

Although the crystals are as sharp as cut glass, Hasnah says she feels no pain and doctors cannot explain the phenomenon. Her father wants her to see specialists in Europe or America to find an explanation

Although the crystals are as sharp as cut glass, Hasnah says she feels no pain and doctors cannot explain the phenomenon. Her father wants her to see specialists in Europe or America to find an explanation

This stretches the realms of imagination. A Lebanese girl produces pure crystals that she pushes out of her eyes without flinching. Medical doctors have no explanation and neither do we. Somebody call Skully & Mulder!

7 thoughts on “Lebanese Girl Pushes Crystals Out of Eyes

  1. you know they always say its a fake or they debunked it. but that is just a way to hide the truth. the girls dad was paid to kee his mouth shut and say it was fake. now why would they do that. what are they hiding. what is REALLY going on. the girl talked about a visitor in all white who said he was a messenger of god. now go can mean anything a being higher and greater than ourselves but eoles minds are so closed and brainwashed by governments that it seens to be too far fetched. when in reality it is the truth. it is easy to convince peole it is fake and a lie in order to hide the truth. it has happened many many times throughout umanities history. think about it how much of what you thought to be true or even what you thought to be a lie turned out to be the other way around. its time to open our minds and wake up. knowledge is ower and they have taken that away from us and fed us crap. and if you ask who are THEY well you have a lot of reserch to do about govenments, elites, aliens, gods, spirituality, nature, LIFE…..im not a teacher it is up to you to educate yourself. a lot of things are corrupt just ask yourself questions about what is going on around the world. like why was there a sonic boom right before the chili and haiti earthquakes, why was there over 50 6.0 or more after shocks, why is the weather soooo out of wack, why are there strang “FEMA” camps all around with hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins, why is our food posioned why wont countries such as japan eat american food or watn to breathe our air, why is there war on innocent people, WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN OUR WORLD, why are we so detatched from nature, why is it normal to dusrespect eachother, so on and so on……… becarful where you get your info from there are a lot of misinformation to guide us the wrong way. listen to your heart connect with your soul and you will know what is to be true…..good luck and hopefully we can all unite before it is too late.

  2. that’s a shit “debunking” there’s no proof in that at all. “Hey I stuck a rock in my f’n eye so it must be fake!”. That’s not debunked. That’s just cynicist bologna.

  3. Fake? Of course. Hasnah’s crystal tears were debunked by Joe Nickell in a 1997 Skeptical Inquirer article:

    Hasnah, who claims to produce up to seven crystals a day, showed a collection of the allegedly apported rocks. From their rhomboidal shape and other properties, I recognized them as the natural quartz crystals generally known as “Herkimer diamonds.” With the television crew being expected to arrive here the following day, I hastily made some phone calls and soon had acquired a handful of the gemstones.
    Although such stones are indeed sharp – and I could see a dark red spot inside the girl’s eyelid that probably represented a wound from one of them – I decided to duplicate the effect. All that was necessary was to pull out the lower eyelid to form a pouch and drop in a small crystal so that it rested, only a bit uncomfortably, out of sight. A tug on the lower lid causes the stone to come into view and then pop out of the eye. This I demonstrated at an appropriate time for the television camera, allowing their reporter to actually do the extraction himself. The effect was indistinguishable from the Lebanese “miracle.”

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