Brazil Poised to Become New Food Superpower

Brazil has an abundance of women (some of the finest on the planet) and the highest concentration of “black” folk outside of Africa, but the world is looking at Brazil for one of its other abundances, food. As the world is on the brink of a food shortage, Brazil is emerging as a contender in this essential battle for survival. After all what do you think is the secret ingredient to the world-renowned beauty that has everyone wanted to relocate to Rio de Janeiro? Those women are eating some of the best food on the planet!

With millions of people literally hungering for affordable food, Brazil’s breakthroughs in tropical agriculture may prove to be the key to feeding a growing global population. If Saudi Arabia fills the world’s gas stations, China assembles its consumer goods, and India vies to staff its office services, then it is Brazil that is stepping forward to stock its pantries. The rise of Brazil as an agricultural powerhouse may be the most important story of globalization that many Americans have never heard of.

With ample sun and fresh water and more available arable land than any other country, Brazil seems to be on a historic trajectory to becoming the next great global breadbasket. “Brazil can be No. 1 in the future in agricultural production,” asserts André Nassar, a leading agricultural economist based in São Paulo. “I think we will exceed the U.S.”

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